Feb. 24th, 2012

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Further explorations of the mental variety...

1. I've been delving into the world of Vintage Cocktails. Enough so that on my next trip to Chicago, I'll try to snag both some Creme de Violette and Creme Yvette. The development of the cocktail and its transmutation from "trashy" to the Very Most intrigues me. Especially cocktails made as they were intended to be made... sans blender. Which leads me into:

2. Collecting some vintage barware. And trying to determine (between Wonder Husband's preferences and my own) what sorts we'd need.

3. Contemplating an evening at a local themed bar. And what we might wear. Husband and I are currently wrangling over whether to do teens, 1930's, or WWII era. So I'm poking at that. Granted, I am at the moment (like everyone else) a little taken with the costuming from Downton Abbey. I'll try to control myself.

4. Just now, dragging out the sewing machine (or, more to the point, getting anywhere near it) is a major PITA. So my sewing has been curtailed. Though now that Spring is coming, I'm more likely to clean out the sewing nook so I can get in it again. However, I still like hand projects I can sit and diddle with. Also on my list is possibly acquiring a treadle sewing machine.

5. Because, once you've started looking at fashions from the 1830's through the teens (if you're me) you then swerve into the whole British Colonial Era. I'd like to do a dress with beetle carapaces in the embroidery. And maybe learn Hindi. :-)
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Something that has just recently started to annoy me but has apparently been a bugaboo in the blogosphere for a while is the use of the word "sewist."

To me, it's smacks of a PC need to glorify one's ability to sew. Now, in my world, this is such a commonplace skill that it doesn't bear the need to have a silver-plated pin applied to it. And this terms smacks of a pompous need for recognition - more of the celebration of the everyday that annoys me. Like a 5th grade graduation or a "participation certificate."

I don't really get whats wrong with Seamstress, Tailor, Sempster, or even Sewer - it's usually clear from the context that we do not mean the Cloaca Maxima. (And if you don't get that reference, you're insufficiently well-read to be allowed to make up new words).

The connotation, in my world, is that a "sewist" is a johnny-come-lately who has just figured out how to hem a dishtowel. One to whom making a child's dress out of a pillowcase is both a revelation and an activity requiring step-by-step instructions.

Possibly I put "sewist" and "defeatist" in the same category. "Don't be defeatist, dear. It's terribly Middle Class."
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Would anyone like to proffer advice for sourcing/purchasing/restoring to useful function a treadle sewing machine?

Best brands for a USABLE machine that's still pretty to look at?

What to watch out for?

What elements to inspect specifically?

Best places to source them?

How/where to find parts?

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