Jun. 16th, 2012

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One of my co-workers presented me with a couple of cat-themed "cozy mysteries" for my birthday. Her assertion is that between my various ongoing research projects, children, and rather intellect-intensive profession - my brain needed a break.

I have decided that I rather like cozy mysteries. They're light, refreshing, and engaging. And, as promised, require little in the way of thinking.

More entertainingly, I discovered one that is themed around a main character who collects vintage pyrex, buys some kitchen antiques, and in a lot of other ways resembles, well, me. ;-)

I wrote a little note to the author on the topic (accusing my cats of e-mailing her at night), and she offered up a signed copy of the book to give away.

Now, I really did like the book. And I'd like to give her a little boost. So, if you've got the time, zing over to my blog and enter?


It's OK if you "know" me. It's OK if you don't normally bother with gluten free.

And if you've got time to sort of "boost the signal" on this with whatever social media you choose, please do.

I'd like to have more than two people enter. :-)

Thanks, all!!

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