Dec. 6th, 2012

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I have to say that the SCA has more or less slid out of my life with relative ease. And that the longer I give it, the less I have any twinges about the decision. One thing you do begin to note, however, is the amount of sheer crap you accumulate. The Great Purge has begun. And it's going to take a while.

Phase 1 is to clean out my sewing room and storage area. It needed doing anyway, as the storage area got a little wet a while back, and it needs to be stripped to the bare walls and re-organized. I've done this before, but this time instead of just putting it all back, I've been pitching the junk/scraps/bric-a-brac. And I've so far packed up one entire tub of fabric and schlepped it off to the current Midrealm Princess for her use. I also divested myself of a lot of early garb attempts both from the Renn Faire and SCA. Whether or not the local Gold Key has any use for it, I neither know nor care. They can pitch it if they don't. I filled the trash bin with junk, one bin with fabric to give away, and another with "garb" - such as it was.

I've also taken down and removed all the server files for the Pentamere site. That's now dead in the water - and, to be frank, if it wasn't going to launch without my impetus than it wasn't time anyway. I'll leave it at that.

Now that the garabage has been collected, I can probably take another run at the storage area with the plan to pitch yet more junk. Extra costume-y type fabric... I'm not sure whether to dump or if I should give it to someone. The trick with that is to find someone who wants it that I can get it to, easily. With very little effort or expense on my part. Otherwise... trash. I'll hang on to the linen and the wool, as that has uses outside of costume-related work. Other stuff I'm being pretty harsh with getting rid of.

After that, the next step may be to rid myself of books that I don't need. A lot of those are heraldry-related. Possibly some metal-work, certainly some cooking tomes. I might post a list later and see what anybody here wants.

In other news, I did take a small vacation in the land of Not Coping on Tuesday. I need to learn not to do that. The change in vector afterwards is almost physically painful. BUT I did get my eyebrows done and got to be girly for a bit. Shopped for vintage Christmas ornaments. And spent some time hanging out at the local coffee shop, listening to who the other half lives.

I still haven't found my center entirely. But I'm going to keep working on getting my work space set up, clearing the last two commissions in my scribal pile, and deciding where my happy medium will be craft-wise. I might start with some regional turn-of-the-century Dutch costumes for the girls for Tulip Fest. But 16th century isn't really speaking to me just now. Eh.

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