Mar. 24th, 2013

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I've been pondering a couple of imponderables for the last few days.

The first involves social media, and whether it is better to remove from your circle of acquaintances (which I won't use the word "friends" to describe) those people with whom you have little in common and whose own expressions normally irritate you... or to maintain them and thereby avoid creating a "bubble" in which you surround yourself with people who think only as you do - allowing yourself the fantasy that EVERYBODY thinks as you do. Mostly I ponder this in regard to a lot of the people on my FB feed who I know either solely from the SCA or solely from high school - and in neither case was the relationship more than mere acquaintance at best.

The second is wedding related. Possibly I have immersed myself in vintage writings, items, and research to the point where I am very much behind the times of what is considered "acceptable" and what isn't. Heck, when I got married it was gauche to send wedding registry cards in the invitations. I doubt anybody thinks twice about it, now. In this case, I still get a twitch about second weddings. To my mind, if you've been married before you probably shouldn't be going in for the whole white dress, twinkling candles, posh reception sort of affair. Something smaller - family and close friends, casual supper sort of thing. Is it just me? Granted, the white wedding dress doesn't symbolize what it once did, but it just seems particularly out of place when the bride's children are participating in the service.

Meh. Off to go grump about kids today in private.

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