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Please point folks you might know who'd know about this at the post, if you'd be so kind. :-)

There is a White treadle machine available locally for $50. The machine is in working order, though the cabinet is in rough shape and missing a couple of drawers.

My main issue is that (and I haven't heard back from the seller yet) it looks like it's probably a vibrating shuttle model.

So, what's my best option?

1. Walk away. It's too expensive in any respect, given the poor condition of the cabinet.

2. Only worth it if it has ALL the feet, manual, shuttle, and multiple bobbins

3. Go for it as long as it has a shuttle and at least one bobbin

4. Grab it. Finding the missing bits won't be all THAT difficult and it's a steal of a deal - even if it needs to go in a new cabinet later.

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Date: 2012-02-26 09:07 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pearl
White's aren't really common here, but I can give advice generally.

If you have woodworking skills, then it could be possible for you to find a better cabinet, and (probably) modify the top so you can slot the White in. If you don't, and the cabinet is that bad, then walk away - it seems to be bloody hard to find cabinets the machines will fit, unless they are Singers. (You may have to do research to see if White's and Singer's are compatible cabinets, because that'd probably be an easier route...)

And you will want the shuttle and _multiple_ bobbins - you can't really wander down to your local sewing machine place for spares. And, chances are you'd end up spending as much money for the machine for the shuttle and bobbins separately from a vintage sewing machine dealer.

Hope that helps?

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Date: 2012-02-27 04:52 am (UTC)
pearl: Black and white outline of a toadstool with paint splatters. (Default)
From: [personal profile] pearl
I only have a hand-cranked 3/4 sized VS, and it is a beauty to behold (looks like this - it's a German Vesta VS III re-badged for the Australian market).

I'll be the first to admit that it sews beautifully, and when it doesn't seize up from the garage flooding it has a very smooth movement. But because I prefer rotary treadles (for ease of buying bobbins and such), it really is more of a conversation piece than for serious use.

(My usual workhorse is a treadle Singer 201k simply because of parts availability - if I break it, it is cheap to fix (and I have a weird aluminium 201 to use if I really break it), but there is a Lada in the garage that, frankly, has a much nicer treadle - I think it's the smaller flywheel - but replacement parts are a bit of a guessing game.)

The really sad thing, is that I actually have made back most of my money from buying my sewing machines, simply by selling on parts and accessories I couldn't use or, I if had multiple attachments.

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