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sitting on the couch watching "Jodhha Akbar." Again. OK, it plays merry cob with actual history, but it's a good movie and Hrithik Roshan is always worth watching.

Really, my one regret about leaving the SCA is not getting the chance to do the Mughal/Rajput reign. That would have been fun. Of course, it also would have been Pearls before Vikings, if you will. About 5 other people would have enjoyed it, in sum total, I suspect.

What I don't regret is the idiocy.

I think I mentioned a time or so that the Hubs was planning on trying to start a Fighter's Collegium, centrally located, with a guest speaker each session and a training curriculum. Basically a HEMA dojo. It got dismissed out of hand by most of the fighters in the region and with two major (not mutually-exclusive) responses:

A. Rolled eyes/disinterest in anything that resembles historical fighting. If it didn't involve teaching them how to win Crown, they weren't at all interested.

B. Utter disdain for anything being promoted by a "nobody." I mean (and this is a quote) "You're not even a squire!" O.o

Screw the lot of you.

And - newsflash: SCA fighting has no basis in history to speak of. The wrap shot is just completely ludicrous and can only exist in a system in which your opponent is prohibited from presenting you with an arm bar and dislocating your shoulder. Ditto the rest of it. Stop pretending otherwise. It's no more historically accurate than Olympic fencing.

I have now gotten THAT off my chest, and I'm heading for bed.
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