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Yeah, I've sort of wandered away from LJ and DW. One reason is flat time constraints. Another is that, between my divorce from the SCA and the last US election cycle - well, it was easier to NOT post open wounds. Ya know? Nor to encourage overmuch arm twisting or attempts to convince me that I should stay in the SCA or change my political stripes. I've also pruned a few people off my FB list that I really only knew from the SCA - if that's you, and that was the only thing we had in common, please don't be too offended. I lose track of things easily. And I lost a lot of patience with the general level of vitriol and smug superiority throughout November. I had to lower my "twitch threshold."

At the same time, I've been working on the GF blog. Also indulging in a resurgence of knitting, to include participation in Ravelry's Nerd Wars. Still have an interest in Vintage sewing, hair, and decorating. Update that to include Vintage cocktails.

My eldest is back in Irish Dance classes, this time with more enthusiasm. The younger isn't quite old enough.

In short, I've lost a lot of my commonality with the community I'd built here. And I'm not sure if I have anything ELSE in common with LJ/DW-land. Or if I want to expend the effort to build a new one that suits my new pursuits. But... still around.

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