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Well, for anyone keeping score, the Red Hot Velvet Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream recipe from Baked is definitely a keeper. It's available online here for anyone feeling indulgent. Definitely worthwhile to make and a bit unusual.

There has been a parade of dumb/demanding people in the office today. One called this AM for an appt because her dog was vomiting. Leslie double-booked her at 3:50. She calls at 3:45, still 20 miles away. And still insists that she must be seen tonight. *eye roll* Lady, this is not an emergency clinic. I'm not obligated to let you wander in the door whenever you damned well feel like it. She's here now. I'm not doing anything, but I'm going to wait for my 4:40 and make her cool her heels for a while. Just so we don't set the precedent that she can come in whenever she wants. Grrrr. And that has been a repeating pattern today. Topped only by the guy that showed up this AM with his dog for me to look at a cyst. He has no money, so he had somehow made a deal with the local humane society, that they would pay 1/3 of the cost, up to $150. In his head, this translated into him not needing to actually pay anything today. I turfed him. IT's not an emergency, and you are trying to pull a fast one.

In other news, there are at least 6 Irish Dance schools in the Greater D.C. area, including 2 in Manassas. Part of me wonders if it's too early to at least ask them how they feel about an Autistic student.

And, for whatever odd reason, Trone research sent me TWO Amazon reward certificates. And Amazon accepted both. So I get to do some Shoppin'!!

Actually, I have a bit of shoppin' to do. I still know what on Earth to get Anneliese for her B-day. Apparently Toys-R-Us has some mega sales on. I should go wander. In all my free time. But I hate to just get her something to get her something. I'd like to try to find something that will actually hold her interest for more than 2 weeks. *ponder*
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The new car and I are settling in together.

And I'm indulging myself in throes of delight planning our first trip to Disney World as a family. Using an agent - I'm not completely crazy. I might even see if I can get her to help set up Character dining - once we decide what we want to do. Fun stuff!

Hedgehog Handworks is doing free shipping for the month of August. That might make it worth my while to order the new Men's clothing book from Tudor Tailor.

Mom and Dad are taking Anneliese for a few days. So we'll be painting her room (teals, as everybody recommended). I have to go buy some stencil plastic. And the paint. And with luck I can get the room prepped this week.

This means I'll be Boo-free for Fiber fest. Maybe John will want to come along and play pack mule. (Not to onerous, as we'll have the stroller/shopping cart. ;-) Then on Sunday, we'll head for the Irish Dance competition. We can watch the dancers, get Boo fitted for shoes, do a little shopping, and then take her back home with us.

Sometime amidst all this, I need to finish painting the basement, get play-meetings set up for Anneliese with the candidates for her dance aide, make sure I have all of my vacation plans up and running, get some new garb sewn, and finish the chicken coop.

I also ran into Anneliese's teacher at Michaels (I was buying a 8x8 album to use as a character autograph book. I found the Cinderella one on clearance - I must check the other Michael's in GR for the matching Tinkerbell one so I've got one for each of the girls). She is more that OK with us taking her out of school for Disney. There will also be 3 girls in the class this year, so she's looking for dress-up clothes. I'm feeling guilty enough about all they do for Anneliese, that I may raid some of her collection as well as make a few things. Dress-up clothes don't have to be elaborate - just girly and pretty and elasticized.

Time to go get lunch and check for an e-mail back from my travel agent. ;-)
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No the living room isn't done yet. But I need to seize the opportunity of Mom taking Boo for an overnighter to paint her room.

So, which color combo?

Cool teals:

Or vibrant lavenders:

With a contrasting door and trim, natch.

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So, a quick surf nets the following options:

The Bargain Basement Option

The Sweet and Simple option


This'n would need a cover"

Money is no object option (And would need to hang from the pop-up or something., so not good for indoor events)


Nice and Roomy
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I'm still on the hunt for an aide for Anneliese. But I have a few new leads. I've contacted GVSU and Calvin. I've also found a couple of advocacy groups I didn't know existed. One for ASD specifically, and one for Developmentally Disabled people. So hopefully somebody will have something helpful to say.

John makes me pound my head sometimes. Note: If Rori gets up two hours early, then two hours before naptime assumes Baby Sleepy position (On tummy, butt in the air, little footies crossed) and fusses on the floor.... she's tired - put her down for a nap!!

Otherwise same ol', same ol'. Need to make more Gesso, get a Latin translation of the Court Barony text, and finish my costumer's ATCs.

I DID buy a couple of new knitting books:

This one may need to be cancelled for a while. It says "Ships in 2-3 weeks" but is listed as printing Nov 1 2009. So I'm not sure if it's in print yet or not.

I've wanted this for a while

This one is on the "want" list.

Hmmm, time to make the shopping list for Fiber Fest.
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So the Irish Dance place will take Anneliese AND an aide, without us paying 2x the tuition, which I think is very nice of them. So I have until classes start in Sept to get her gear together.

The list:
Tote bag
Poodle socks

She won't need a school dress for a while, if ever. Same with the curlers. But I'll bookmark some stuff, just in case. Heck, she may never even get into hard shoes. But as long as she enjoys herself, good enough.

I suspect, if she does like it enough to continue, by the time Rori is old enough she'll want in on this. ;-) Here we see the real disadvantage to the fact that they look nothing alike. I can't hand down Anneliese's things. Especially things like a dance wig and probably the shoes. She has SUCH skinny feet. Though Rori MIGHT, I may be better off to sell them and just get new ones for Rori should I need to.
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I outsmarted myself yet again, yesterday. I offered to take the girls out of the house so that John could clean, reasoning that since he had let the house get into that state, he could get it out.

So, I put Anneliese up front in the van with me, where she couldn't pull out Rori's pacifier, and off we went. Thus far, the plan worked well. Rori napped, Anneliese watched her DVD player, all was well. We arrived at the mall, and I unpacked all the baby gear necessary for an outing, then the baby, then Anneliese. As we walked into the mall, I thought to myself that I ought to have packed a spare outfit for Rori - the last two trips I'd taken with her in the stroller had gotten.... messy.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later a massive baby blow out necessitated a complete change. *sigh* I changed her diaper, removed her adorable little leg warmers, and rolled up the soiled portion of her romper. Then upstairs we went to Gymboree, where a clearance sale was underway (lukcy for me). $4.79 later I was changing her into a clean, cute onesie. Soiled outfit went into the shopping back for biological containment.

Then to the bookstore, where I sent an elderly clerk in search of the Liffey Rivers series of books, to no avail. I wanted to shoulder her away from the screen and do the search myself - as search results are closely related to what you put into each field. *sigh*. I found them on line when I got home, here.

Still killing time, we wandered down to the Dairy Queen. I got a cone for Anneliese (who wants the cone, but not so much the ice cream). And a Blizzard for Rori and I. I frog-marched them over to a table, set down the ice cream, and went to sit the baby upright for easier feeding. Anneliese, not knowing the meaning of the word "patience," grabbed her cone, pulled it to her, and let go again - knocking it on the floor. I sighed, and picked it up to put in the trash. Cue Anneliese sobbing, as she only knew Momma had thrown away her treat - not understanding really that I was going to go get her another. So I picked up the other cup of ice cream - which I had set down in front of Rori - and she started sobbing - also deprived of ice cream. So the Parade of Woe hiked back to the DQ for another ice cream cone amid much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Rori launched her pacifer, which was retrieved and returned, with significant trepidation, by a kind gentleman. By the time the interlude was over and everyone was again content, I had spent a slid 5 minutes - that felt like an eternity - being "that" mother with the weeping children that everyone looks askance at in silent horror and pity.

I shoulda stayed and cleaned the house!
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Anneliese had a busy day. It started with a visit to the ophthalmologist. He stated that her vision was fine and that she does not (!?!?) have a lazy eye. I wasn't along for the ride, but John said that her left eye was drifting off while she was there. And still, the ophtho insisted there was no pathology. Ummmm?

Then it was off to school, at least until her IEP meeting at 1:45 (Which we didn't find out about until Wednesday afternoon - so I couldn't make that, either). Last year's goals are all met, new ones are set. And they suggested that she see an occupational ophthalmologist. Who knew? If we can find such a critter, we'll take her.

Huh. I never know what to think with these people.

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