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Both my new "Celebrations" magazine AND a new copy of the Disney vacation planning DVD showed up today. That oughta go good with the beignets. And another screening of the Princess and the Frog.

[livejournal.com profile] alysten is probably the only one who gets why this is a day-brightening bit of excitement. ;-) Yeah, let me know what the Mickey crocs colors are this year, if you get a chance, dear. I have a friend who lives in Orlando, so I'm sure I can get her to nip down to Downtown Disney later if we come to a conclusions. Thanks!

Must go. Toddlers to snuggle, rooms to scrub, coops to shop for. I think we'll get one, as we don't seem in imminent danger of pulling up stakes. I'd as soon get rid of these chickies and get some better layers. Store bought cackleberries are so anemic, once you get used to the fresh kind.
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Didn't get as much marked off the ol' list this weekend as I would have liked. Things kept conspiring to make it difficult.

I DID manage to get Anneliese's Tinkerbell cake done Friday night, which she was quite delighted with. Saturday ended up mostly shot, running around. And that's not the best way to recover from a rough week spent covering for the other doctor in the practice. Especially with a teething baby up a lot of Saturday night.

Sunday I managed to freeze 2 dozen ears of corn down into 19 meal-size bags. Then I went to clean out the chicken pen. One of them escaped my clutches, and ended up roosting in a pan of used oil that John hadn't gotten rid of yet. *sigh* Multiple baths in Dawn dish soap later, she's still greasy. I anticipate she won't survive the experience. Stupid way to loose a bird. But, I find the Polish are exceedingly stupid birds. Next time, French Marans. Also, chicken-bathing is much funnier in concept than in actual practice. Oh, and the Barred Rock has started laying. Unfortunately, she seems to prefer to do it from a height. Hopefully she'll start using a nest box instead, because eggs don't do well with 4 ft drops.

I've discovered a new magazine called "Living Crafts." Mostly it's stuff to make for and with your kids. I might get a subscription at some point. Right now, I'm saving my Amazon certificates up for Christmas shopping. But maybe after the holidays...

Imminent move potential is still causing some High Anxiety. Enough so that last night I ended up having to resort to a bottle of hard cider to get the hamster of the mental wheel and settle down to sleep (finally) at 12 AM. And of course, Rori was up at 12:30. Though she just wanted a dry diaper and a small bottle and then back to bed. Good girl! My goodness, but she's getting to be a tall drink of water. Next weekend I get off, we'll go visit Mom and Dad. Their house has a lot more open spaces. She'll have to walk or crawl - no cruising 'round the furniture. Which might help with the walking thing. Mom wants me to get her some little high-topped shoes, as that was apparently the key for a friends' child. But I'm not quite ready to push her yet, and I thought that current theory was to keep their feet bare if you can, as it helps development of the arch and ankle ligaments.

I also think part of the anxiety is that I'm running out of things to "research" about the area for now. So I have no way to channel the energy. Other than to worry about things I can't easily replace. Like my OB/GYN. And friends. And such. *sigh* Maybe I'll go look into things we'd like to have access to out there - a cow share program, farmers' markets, etc. I suppose I should also find the number I had around for the veterinary head hunter and let her know that I may be in the market in that area. Just have to figure out what I'd like to do. Do I stay in private pratice? Not sure my rather blunt midwestern manner would go over well in that area. Regulatory medicine? Corporate? Hmmmmm.....

Back to work for a bit, whilst I wait for my Dr's office to call back. The dippy office nurse had never even heard of Sarcoptes, and then just assumed I worked in a veterinary office. Which is idiotic, as Sarcoptes is pretty darned species specific. So if I've had it for months, it's the human version. Likely from the blankets we get donated from a local nursing home, rather than a patient of my own. Since I haven't seen a case of scabies in years. And she had no idea what ivermectin was, and wanted me to give her the dosage. O_o Um. That's your job. We don't use it orally and I have no F'in clue what the people dosage is.

Tired. Aggravated. More later.
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I'm trying to figure out what all to do for next year's garden stuff. I think I shall take [livejournal.com profile] rectangularcat's advice, and plant my wheat samples in containers this fall. I may or may not manage to get a whole stand in the ground to play with.

I'm debating about some kind of cover crop. It's a little hard for me, as I have no tiller. Therefore, I have to strip out the cover crop before I plant. Which rather defeats the purpose of "green manure." Though I suppose I could throw it on the compost pile, and then work in finished compost.

I also want some fruit trees. Maybe I can get a few seedlings started now, the better to graft in the spring. If I get my act together earlier this year, there should be some decent scion wood available. Now... where in the yard? Maybe I'll line the walkway with some espaliers.

And I must say that chicken shopping is just fun:


Might have to expand the coop a little next year. I'd like some Welsummers, and maybe some French Marans.
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So I have not one but three(!) Calvin College students willing to be Anneliese's Dance partner, if you will. ;-) I think the hardest part will be to pick only one. Though I might ask the other two if I may keep their contact info for next semester or in case the other gal is busy or unavailable for a given night.

Rori was up a lot again last night. Not sure if it's teeth, or what. A few new ones have shown themselves. So she's napping now. I did manage to go to the gym this AM, came back and cleaned out the chicken pen.

Interestingly, the neighboring village is debating a change in their ordinance to allow chickens. I suspect it will pass easily, as two of the councilmembers want chickens themselves. Which makes me figure I can watch our city close, as often Grand Haven follows hard on the heels of whatever Spring Lake does. Not that they'd ever admit it. (Can you say "library?")

I should also check into the silly law that was passed not too long ago requiring lead testing for all children's products. Not that this in inherently a bad thing, but the law was badly written so that it makes it impossible for artisans to make handmade toys, clothing, or accessories without either paying $600 to test each item or running the risk of incurring the fine. Stoopid. I buy many a tidbit for my girls from a local boutique. And it would even make it impossible to import the fancy solo dresses used in Irish Dancing - the cream of which tend to be made in Ireland. Upside - it looks like nobody is enforcing it. But for the love of all that is holy, admit that you screwed up, and amend the law into something sensible!!

Off to go make some gesso. Or at least soak some hide glue for it. And to finish my costumer's ATCs.
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One of the chickens will need to go live at Tracy's come Monday, at least until the Chicken Swap.

As it turns out - one of the Polish is a rooster. We know this because? For whatever strange reason all his own, John decided to pick a fight with the chicken this morning. It went into full display and started to crow.

Quoth my husband: "Hey honey, hens don't make that noise, do they?"

No, babe. Hens don't make that noise.


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