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Before I head out to MSU, I DO need to organize myself. I'd forgotten what a PITA Special Collections can be to access. BUT, I've spent enough time studying rare manuscripts in the SCA to understand that caution. I need to:

1. Study the ephemera collection catalogue online and make a list of materials I'd like to see.

2. Cross reference that material against googlebooks and other sources to make sure I don't waste my time with materials that are already available online in their entirety.

3. Find the #@*&$^ Digital Camera, as their may be pieces that I will be allowed to photograph.

4. See if there are online request forms that I can fill out and take with me, as my time there will be pretty limited.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 09:38 pm
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I'm slightly offended that all the goodies came along AFTER I graduated.

MSU (my Alma Mater) has both a cooking ephemera collection, as well as an historic cookbook collection

I can easily scamper down there to get a look at copyrighted materials at some point (and have John's permission to abandon him to do so).

I've got about 1/2 a cookbook's worth of recipes at least conceptualized at this point. This could get me the other 1/2, plus enough to compensate for the inevitable "editing out" process.

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So, "everybody knows" that CocaCola Cake was invented during WWII right?

Hmmmm, was it? I can't find the smoking gun.

My 1943 Baker's Chocolate cookbook has a section on substitutions and includes a "no sugar" cake that has corn syrup instead. It also has advice on adapting most of the other recipes to replace part of the sugar with corn syrup or honey. Nothing about cola. Or even beet juice, which is supposedly the origin of Red Velvet.

Any thoughts/hints/places I should look? (Heck, anybody have an old CocaCola ad with the original purported recipe?)
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I'm working at the moment, but once I get home, there are Things To Do:

Winterize the chicken coop: Hang the heat lamp, re-bed the coop with shavings and the nest boxes with straw, and put the feeder/water INSIDE the coop. Probably need a new waterer. And this will all require the removal of the AC unit in our bedroom and the repurposing of THAT extension cord for the coop lamp.

Work on the Cook Book proposal: I have a concept synopsis and market snapshot in initial drafts. Next is a Table of Contents and sample chapters/recipes.

Make some sort of decision regarding my online presence. Which blog will be the "public" one - the one that I make a serious effort to connect to other people in my focus area and use to build a following for the book.

Test out new GF baking mix

Make a second folder to file away those recipes that don't fit the theme of THIS concept, but might be useful later.

Work on the visual design I'm going to use to tie it all together. Ale, any advice on making with the pretty?


Sep. 29th, 2011 07:57 pm
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So, anybody interested in test-baking for said cookbook?

I won't ask you to commit to cooking EVERY recipe. Though it will probably help if you're at least familiar with doing SOME gluten-free baking if only because you'll already have most of the ingredients. Going out and buying ALL of it at once is an expensive undertaking.

Here's how I'll work it:

When I have a recipe to test out, I'll E-mail you the recipe and a copy of the review form. You bake it, fill out the form, and zing it back. Or just let me know that you don't have time/lack ingredients/no interest in that particular recipe.

Please forward this request on to friends you know who might be interested?
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Ok, I'm tapping the hive mind today. Because I can't even come up with a cloudburst at the moment.

I've been reading up on "Branding Yourself," (user name=kass_rocks), step in any time here).

In my head, the first iteration of the cookbook is aligned with the theme, "Gluten Free Goes Vintage". Basically, classic desserts reworked to be GF.

But I probably need an overarching logo/design/brand, so that there is something BEYOND that cookbook. Something to tie the various creative endeavours together.

Do I stick with the 4 Little Dutch Girls, and use THAT blog to promote and Brand?

Or something new? And what?

When you think of the concept of fitting gluten free requirements and the general craziness of modern life into a vintage aesthetic....

What descriptive words do you think of?

What "core customer" do YOU envsion? (I have my own ideas, but I don't want to contaminate you all, and I'm curious to see if I'm missing a section of the population I'm not even aware of that some of you are tuned into)

What colors and images come to mind?
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Moving back to the cookbook idea.

I know they don't pay all that well. But I think I'm still going to give it a go.

What DO y'all think of a cookbook of vintage baking recipes that are converted to be gluten free? Should I add a dairy-free chapter?

How much inclusion of "Life in Holly-land" should intrude into the book? Will it seem "warmer" with sidebars and stories about the wee ones for whom I started the GF thing? Remembrances of being taught to cook?

I'm kind of thinking of also spending the time that I'm compiling recipes collecting vintage dishes and trying to take pictures of the various dishes in them.

Anybody want to test-bake for me? And review? I'll write up a "review form" so you can review both the finished product and the way the recipe is written.

What sort of "look" should I go for? I imagine paying for the rights of actual vintage images might be pricey. What sort of graphical design would say "vintage" to you?

Is it worth maybe sneaking some homey "projects" into things as well? Sewn, quilted, knitted items - one per chapter the evoke the vintage era that the recipes are coming from.

Organize by decade? Or by type of baked good?

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