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I now have a stack of paint color chips on my counter, but I am having a bit of trouble deciding which shade really says "vintage" and "Tiffany Blue" to me. My suggestion that John buy me something from Tiffany's so that I could have Home Depot just color match the box was not met with wild enthusiasm. ;-) But I may still do a mood board or two to help me out. I finally described my vision to John, involving red and white damask chair pads, milk glass, and a Vargas print or two. He's on board with the notion now, sort of.

Today I baked another batch of bread, stirred up some English muffin batter for tomorrow, and had to hold off on making cookies - John had used the rest of the Crisco and not gotten more. Thursday night, I'd made some bread, stirred up a Chocolate Bundy cake, and put it in the oven. 20 minutes later, it dawned on me that I'd forgotten to spray the pan with cooking spray. So, while that was baking, I stirred up a molasses spice cake. Sure 'nuff, the bundt stuck. So I peeled it out of the pan and into a bowl and baked the molasses cake. Maybe I'll use the cake bits for a trifle, instead. At least I had something to bring to work, since Leslie whined last week about finally working on "fun food Friday" - and nobody brought food. This week, she was about to send Janet out for doughnuts when I turned up - Molasses spice cake with cream cheese Frosting and brown sugar glaze.

The muffins are pretty much for Dad. We're meeting Mom and Dad tomorrow, so they can take Liesl for a few days. She's off school, and she'll be delighted to get more Grandma time. Plus, John won't have to juggle quite so hard to get Rori to her speech program on Monday. Getting the Audi in for an oil change and the van for new tie rods will take a bit more doing.
Spring cleaning is held up a bit from being very sore from Thursday. But I intend to start anew next week.

I also picked up a book at the Bargain Book store - Terry Pratchett's "Wintersmith." Not bad, really. Pratchett's usual blend of whimsy and clever fantasy. I'll have to get the other two books in the series for Liesl, once she gets the knack of reading down. And for whatever reason, I grabbed an issue of Mother Earth News - which I object to less when they're not really getting any money for it - as in the $1 bin. They have some good stuff. But I cannot get around their downright religious support of Climate Change(TM). Sorry, but so far, 99.5% of what has been published on the topic is out and out bad science. And they have also now climbed onto the "populationist" bandwagon - i.e. while they've not come as far out on the topic, basically favors a worldwide "one child" policy. Cause it's worked so well for China, downcha know. *head desk*

Cruising for decorating ideas did also mean cruising Tiffany's site. ;-) Now, I've made an issue in the past of not being a big jewelry fan. In fact, I only really object to "mall" jewelry. Kay's. Osterman's. Whatever. They're all the same - and I'm just not impressed. However, I lust after some of the Chocolate diamond and strawberry Pearl pieces from Le vian. Their Deco and Estate collections are pretty fab, too. Cartier makes me drool. My problem is - I haz expensive tastes. ;-)

Bedtime soon... whenever I can shift the cats off my chest.
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I scrubbed down my kitchen today. Then dumped the bucket of mud that resulted out. I was all proud of myself, then walked back in and it still didn't LOOK clean. Blerg. The walls were still all marked-up and dingy looking. So I drove to Home Depot, got a gallon of paint - and painted it.

I have several new problems. First - even with Behr's fancy new super paint, I'm going to need a second coat. Not a huge deal - I left the tape up, and there really isn't that much wall. It's pretty hard to paint over Kitchen and Bath paint - which is what I used.

Second - The ceiling is a wreck. I may crawl up there this weekend and at least lay some joint compound over the worst bits, and paint that too. I already have ceiling paint. Also need to paint the trim, but must wait until the wall cures in order to tape in to do the trim.

Third - I picked out a shade of blue that's a shade too light. It gets washed out by the green counters, green paint on the floor, etc. Plus, the floor is getting harder and harder to KEEP clean, as the finish wears off. I might just sand and paint that, too.

Fourth - in my various cleaning binges over the years - I've managed to scrub the glaze off the cabinets and the antiquing off the hardware. *sigh* Don't know what to do about that.

Of course, I have now made a clean spot in the house. Hrrrrm. I need to get the front room cleaned out in the next two weeks. Someone from the County is coming to video Rori at home. Whatevah. Before or after I will be washing down that room, too. It also needs painting. But I'm not sure what color. The trim in my house is white. And it's a very vintage 40's style layout. At some point in it's life, one bedroom was removed to make the front of the house one large room. There is one Behr palette I liked that had a deep orange-y pink for the walls, and accents in white, poinsettia red, and a pale milk-and-honey color. But I think the pink would be too much. Especially given the pale shade now in the kitchen.

I'd like to keep a vintage feel. Perhaps I should go surf some antique stores and collect magazines and make a mood boards. Wonder if there's anyway to give it a vague-ish steampunk/deco feel....
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[livejournal.com profile] alysten brought up a cogent point about lead in old glazed pottery. Not a problem with glass, but I don't really want glass dishes, I don't think. So I'm leaning toward new in an ironstone style.

SOme options:

Sur la Table

Pottery Barn


Mikasa 1

Mikasa 2

Villeroy and Boch

We did spend part of the day trolling for antiques, but it was rainy. :-( The one thing I regret passing up, as I didn't have much cash on me - a set of four black hobnail milk glass goblets. Would have been faboo in either a black and white or Halloween place setting. You start to see how my mind works.

ANd in case anybody was curious, some of the sorts of "extras" I like:








ANd, of course, some vintage barware. ;-)
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No the living room isn't done yet. But I need to seize the opportunity of Mom taking Boo for an overnighter to paint her room.

So, which color combo?

Cool teals:

Or vibrant lavenders:

With a contrasting door and trim, natch.


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