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Both my new "Celebrations" magazine AND a new copy of the Disney vacation planning DVD showed up today. That oughta go good with the beignets. And another screening of the Princess and the Frog.

[livejournal.com profile] alysten is probably the only one who gets why this is a day-brightening bit of excitement. ;-) Yeah, let me know what the Mickey crocs colors are this year, if you get a chance, dear. I have a friend who lives in Orlando, so I'm sure I can get her to nip down to Downtown Disney later if we come to a conclusions. Thanks!

Must go. Toddlers to snuggle, rooms to scrub, coops to shop for. I think we'll get one, as we don't seem in imminent danger of pulling up stakes. I'd as soon get rid of these chickies and get some better layers. Store bought cackleberries are so anemic, once you get used to the fresh kind.
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Um.... One of each, please?

Clicky for Auction catalog .pdf Warning: Only Disneyphiles need apply. ;-)
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The new car and I are settling in together.

And I'm indulging myself in throes of delight planning our first trip to Disney World as a family. Using an agent - I'm not completely crazy. I might even see if I can get her to help set up Character dining - once we decide what we want to do. Fun stuff!

Hedgehog Handworks is doing free shipping for the month of August. That might make it worth my while to order the new Men's clothing book from Tudor Tailor.

Mom and Dad are taking Anneliese for a few days. So we'll be painting her room (teals, as everybody recommended). I have to go buy some stencil plastic. And the paint. And with luck I can get the room prepped this week.

This means I'll be Boo-free for Fiber fest. Maybe John will want to come along and play pack mule. (Not to onerous, as we'll have the stroller/shopping cart. ;-) Then on Sunday, we'll head for the Irish Dance competition. We can watch the dancers, get Boo fitted for shoes, do a little shopping, and then take her back home with us.

Sometime amidst all this, I need to finish painting the basement, get play-meetings set up for Anneliese with the candidates for her dance aide, make sure I have all of my vacation plans up and running, get some new garb sewn, and finish the chicken coop.

I also ran into Anneliese's teacher at Michaels (I was buying a 8x8 album to use as a character autograph book. I found the Cinderella one on clearance - I must check the other Michael's in GR for the matching Tinkerbell one so I've got one for each of the girls). She is more that OK with us taking her out of school for Disney. There will also be 3 girls in the class this year, so she's looking for dress-up clothes. I'm feeling guilty enough about all they do for Anneliese, that I may raid some of her collection as well as make a few things. Dress-up clothes don't have to be elaborate - just girly and pretty and elasticized.

Time to go get lunch and check for an e-mail back from my travel agent. ;-)

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