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I've picked up a thread on Dutch embroidery from the Isle of Marken. And it's apparent relationship to the Dutch settlers imported to the Isle of Amager by Christian II of Denmark. Apparently the museum there has textiles on exhibit. But - the whole website is in Danish.

*head desk, head desk*

Hopefully the Dutch embroidery expert I contacted will have some good leads for me.

I think I'm on the track of the emergence of embroidery with indigo thread on white linen as a variation on German whitework - especially the very square-dominated variety that evolved into Hebedo. But maybe not. *sigh*
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So, for the die-hard embroiderers, I have a question:

I'm working on the Christening gown for the new baby. The original design includes a fair bit of applique cord. Since I'm using a space-dyed pink floss for the shadow work and other motifs, I'd probably used white cord and applique it with the pink floss. It tends to look like entredeux when done correctly. The author of the design also said she remade the dress, replacing the applique cord with feather stitching.

Now, I've done applique cord before, with mediocre results - but that was on a much tighter weave fabric (might even have been a blend). This gown is made of Swiss Nelona batiste. So - which way to go? The applique cord - which will have a bit more impact. Or the feather stitching?


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