Oct. 18th, 2009 05:42 pm
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I am coming to accept the fact that a fulltime job, two small children, a long commute - and mostly, the raising of a special needs child - will prevent me from realizing a number of ambitions for the immediate future. I lack the time, energy, and ambition:

- to really bother trying to launch a new career designing fabrics or launching a pattern line

- to pursue the skill set necessary for consideration for the Order of the Laurel

- to construct all the projects running around in my head

- to even get my home into the state I'd like it

But every now and then, something DOES go my way. I went to JoAnn's today to get fabric for a corset. I looked at the cotton duck, but it seemed a little coarse and stiff. So I went wandering through the twills. I happended across a bolt of burgundy herrigbone twill of a weight and pattern very similar to corset coutil. It was labeled $6.99/yd, but rang up $2.50. I nearly went for the rest of the bolt. ;-) 100% cotton, even.

Yeah, me. Now to shop for binding, cable ties, and to draft a pattern. ;-)
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So I went out shopping on my lunch hour. I actually had a number of things on my list. Colored pencils, sketch book - too $$$ at Staples, not the sort I was looking for at Target. Fabric for aprons - these are a gift. I have something specific in mind - and couldn't find fabric that meets my mental image. Cheap fabric for dress-up clothes for Anneliese's class - nothing that didn't look like a bugger to sew. Fabric for fall dresses for the girls - again, nothing that fit the mental image. Found a few things I wasn't looking for - pure linen on clearance sale - red, peach, violet, green. Some shiny brocade in wheat, mauve, blue, and sage that had a very 14th century feel.

And I came home with.... nothin'.

The linen is tempting. I should probably go back and at least get the red and some of the green for John. But I'm so un-motivated to sew SCA stuff at the moment.

My brain is stuck on "idle" - unmotivated.
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I need my Space-Time Continuum Modulator again.

Especially since it's early afternoon - which, being just past lunch, is sleepy-time in my world. *yawn* Too bad I have all those annoying appointments coming up to prevent it. *sigh*

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