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A brief trip to the Family Farm and Home in Wayland yielded a small fruity windfall. Their bare root stuff was deeply discounted, so I can home with 2 gooseberries (Pixwell), 4 raspberries (Fall Gold), and 3 grapes )Niagra, Catawba, and Concord). At prices cheap enough that I won't be upset if half of them are dead. And if they are, I can hit the West Olive Nursery sale on Memorial weekend.

Still shopping for tall wheat seeds (Utrecht Blue, or a thatching variety), scion wood for a Balaton or Morello cherry and scion wood for a white peach (just locating - won't be grafting till next year).

More sooper seekrit projects in the works, too. ;-)

Garden ?!?

Apr. 30th, 2010 02:34 pm
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So, the local Farm and Home store has their boxed plants for sale super cheapie.

Do I go get a few of varieties I'm not so into, since they're cheap?

Or maybe wait until I can afford to get the varieties I want?

There are 2 issues here - one, cheapie plants often are past their prime and don't live.

Two, if they live, I'm stuck with something I didn't REALLY want, but at least it's fruit.

While I'm at it, anybody know sources for non-exhorbitantly expensive Morello cherry trees, white peach trees, or red/white/pink currants and gooseberries other than pixwell and invicta?
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The snow is finally melting, grass is becoming visible (It's dead grass, but hey, forgot it was even down there!)...

.... and now the $64K question is..

Do I plant some fruit this year? Make headway toward the whole edible landscape concept?

Even if we don't relocate to a new city/state, we're rapidly outgrowing the house/yard. (OK, have outgrown but not financially capable of upgrading currently).

So, do I consider it a practice exercise and plant stuff I may or may not be around to enjoy - and thereby learn something?

Or not waste the time and money?

Possibilities including but not limited to...

Replacing the raspberries that died last year (bought them too late in the season, I think). Maybe try "Caroline" - the new everbearer.

Strawberries. Possibly fill the front flower bed around the roses with a day neutral variety and edge with alpines.

Peach and Cherry trees espaliered on the south-facing solid plank back fence

Dig a new bed for some Nanking cherries, currants, gooseberries, and possibly ligonberry bushes

Espaliered apple fence in the front yard.
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I'm trying to figure out what all to do for next year's garden stuff. I think I shall take [livejournal.com profile] rectangularcat's advice, and plant my wheat samples in containers this fall. I may or may not manage to get a whole stand in the ground to play with.

I'm debating about some kind of cover crop. It's a little hard for me, as I have no tiller. Therefore, I have to strip out the cover crop before I plant. Which rather defeats the purpose of "green manure." Though I suppose I could throw it on the compost pile, and then work in finished compost.

I also want some fruit trees. Maybe I can get a few seedlings started now, the better to graft in the spring. If I get my act together earlier this year, there should be some decent scion wood available. Now... where in the yard? Maybe I'll line the walkway with some espaliers.

And I must say that chicken shopping is just fun:


Might have to expand the coop a little next year. I'd like some Welsummers, and maybe some French Marans.
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The Grand Haven Community Garden is designed as a facility that grows food for the needy with volunteer help. Which explains why it's an overgrown, weedy mess. Not that it's not a noble goal. It's just that you need to provide more motivation that that to get people involved. Other community gardens are full. This one.... not so much activity. The "Plant a Row for the Needy" program seems to have a better handle on the idea. As do a number of churches who just put out free produce at this time of year.

Whilst the GVSU Community Garden is more what I'm looking for. I need to contact them and see if A. They'll sell a plot to a non-student and B. if they have any available at the moment. I'd really like to get in a nice big plot of winter wheat and soon. (Yes, Lisa, I know you have lots of room. But I think it's a bit wet in the early spring. ;-) Maybe rice, though).
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It's a Cool (It's a Cool) Cool Summer...
Leaving me here on my own....

Weird, weird weather. My peppers are not going to do diddly-squat, as it's not warm enough. My 'maters don't want to ripen, either. *sigh* The raspberries never got past the unpack-the-stick-that-looks-dead stage. Apparently they WERE dead. I cleaned the peas out of the garden - along with the Chinese Cabbage that bolted and never produced a single head. All went into the compost pile. Which at least is well-fed.

The Chickens tried for a Chicken Run last night. I must figure out which one knits. And John needs to finish the coop!!

I might seed my garden with Winter Wheat as a cover crop when my veggies are done. I'm not sure how long it takes it to ripen in the spring - I'd like to have the wheat. Though I might settle for the straw. Maybe I'll learn the seven-strand plait and weave a hat for one of the girls. Or both, if there's enough straw. It might make a cool A&S project. Though why I care about that at this point, I'm not sure. I suspect at least 2010's Faire will be in Cinci. Whether this will be a permanent thing or not remains to be seen. I still think it's a bad idea. For a host of reasons other than just that it's on the other F'n side of the Kingdom (No kitchen facilities for the people entering cooking to use, and a seemingly twitchy management that may or may not be cool with regular events over the years, etc. etc.)

I have looked it over and dropped my Pentathalon plans for the moment. The logistics of what I want/can do and getting it done/to Cinci just about gives me a Migraine. I know when I am defeated. *white flag*

So I will shove it in the Happy Box, work with Sarafina on RUM stuff.

And continue my Sooper Seecrud Lone Looney crusade. ;-) (let the banners fly and the bells ring out - eventually).

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