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Some Basic Bavarian info is now up:


Again, it's a but rough, but I'll work on it as I go. I'm pretty sure I had some BavarianNotNurnberg images that had the closer sleeves, but maybe not. There is a lot less to go on that is defintely Munich/Bayern.

I hemmed and hawed, and then decided that Nurnberg flat out needs its own page. That'll be next.

And now I want a flitterhaube. It would be fitting, as I am a flitter head.
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I did put up another compilation of stuff I've run across:


Have fun.

Oh, and among the Goodie Basket we got for our 2nd place finish at Golden Seamstress was a little notebook. I'm inclined to possible keep a little "tailor's notebook" not unlike the period ones - with just basic sketches of pattern shapes. Debating about using THAT notebook... or handbinding one in period fashion. Would it be an interesting curiosity to others?
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I remember once (many moons ago) using a tutorial for grande assiette sleeves. It involved drafting of the sleeve itself, then a separate circle that was divided and inserted into gores.

Anybody have that link? Or another like it?

I'm feeling MUCH too lazy to draft my own pattern, and if I don't get the housebook gown finished on pictures posted of the experimental construction [livejournal.com profile] hsifeng is likely to reach through the computer and throttle me.

No one wants that.

I hope.

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So... seeming to be a Bavarian style. Hmmph. I can live with that, I suppose, since I really like the dress. And information on Northern Dutch/Fries costume is so very scanty.

There is a woodcut of a girl from Nurnburg in her wedding gown:


Does this mean Susanna (the girl in the pink gown) is in HER wedding gown? Was this woodcut made from Susanna's portrait? (Portrait date 1572, woodcut 1577).

Another woodcut of a gown VERY similar in style - right down to the moire look of the fabric:

And some more general pictures of similar gowns. I know less about WHERE specifically these women were from/painted, but I'm looking:


The second and fourth look like they have either a contrasting skirt or an overskirt of some kind. Note that all are made with contrasting fabric and trim, and the heavy trend to red. Again, the lovely pink and monochromatic style is what drew me to Susanna's dress.

In other arenas, we can move Dad P and Dad V's shirts into the "done" column. Boo's chemise needs one cuff, and some hand finishing. I ended up putting in underarm gussets, and will do so with Mom V's as well. Hers is torn into necessary pieces, but for the sleeves. Need to pick Alaina's brain about how much "poof" to leave for a twiggy-armed woman with a 22" sleeve length.

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