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I've mentioned, I think, that I dislike my colleague.

With reason.

NOW she apparently intends to take off June 9-20, July 1-5, and August 3-9. PLUS unspecified additional time "as needed."

Alright, it's aggravating, but I can probably spot her the time she goes up to stay with her mother. Any other job would have fired her for it by now, but that's neither here nor there. However, the trip in July to sing with her stupid chorus is another matter. And only the August trip is a "vacation" in her mind, as she and her partner haven't had one in a year.

O_o Only freaking idiotic entitlement-soaked liberal idiots consider an annual vacation to be a right WTF??

From my perspective, if you work full time, you get 2 weeks a year - or whatever your contract says - to use for vacation. Or whatever else you wish. If you use it, say, to paint your house, you do NOT get another week for your "real" vacation.

This woman needs to go bye-bye.


On the upside, we went down to Michigan City for a bit today. The children were less than cooperative, but we managed anyway. I did get a pair of Mickey Mouse Crocs in a Mary Jane style - they were decent, and cheapy cheap. Apparently, the Mickey crocs are being redesigned, so only the clearance sizes are available. Well, later for John and Boo. Rori is really a bit small, yet.

Trolled the Bose outlet, Hannah Anderson, and a few other plums.

I've got a sore throat, and apparently I'm coming down with a cold. Happy Birthday to me. :-(
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It's been a bit of a bad week.

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*sigh* So much for trying to get a new outfit done for Boo for the event tomorrow. The viking chemise is nearly done. But whilst working on the little apron dress, I bent the needle in me sewing machine. Since I don't have a spare at work, I'm tired, it's crazy busy, and I need to sit for a while - frog give up.

I even had some cotton twill for a little caftan. *grumble* Hopefully I can find the dress I made for Val Day and wedge her into that. I think we'll wander out to Althing, I'll do my judging stint, and then we'll take off.

At least I have my birthday burger at Red Robin to look forward to, as the coupon was in my E-mail box this AM.
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SO, Darling's shirt is cut out (or rather, torn into appropriate rectangles. I never fuss with cutting muslin if I can help it). I've got some of the pieces zig-zagged on the edges. This is a quickie piece, not a show piece. So I'm cheating a little. OK, a lot. Out of thread, and so can't continue until after lunch.

Whilst zig-zagging, which requires very little thought, other things have been running through my head.

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