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I have now officially cut my ties to the textile guild. Which was really more of a dysfunctional household, anyway. I cannot abide back room deals, private e-mail campaigns, sniping, whining, whinging, and carrying on behind the backs and out of the sight of the general membership. It's ludicrous, unethical, stupid, and I won't be a party to it any more.

Shedding the responsibility, the worry about its reputation vs my reputation, the feeling of obligation to participate in group projects no matter how stupid I may find them creates a delightful sense of freedom that goes well with this sunshine-y day. It's Spring. (Well almost). Time for a new dawn. I have things to do for ME that do not involve coddling fragile little egos that want to be told what they want to hear rather than the truth. I had stayed subscribed to the E-group for just a while afterward, then thought better of it and just disconnected myself entirely. Better to not have any idea what's being said about me now, and thereby not even be tempted to answer back.

This also frees up a fair amount of time in my schedule (yeah, me!).

I will have to talk things over with Lisa regarding Joomla! Since we share the domain name, I'm not sure I can use it for just MY pages. And I certainly don't want to screw hers up. Though, on the upside, Joomla! does allow you to disable both right-click and Ctrl-C copy. And has a variety of picture gallery formats to choose from. I'd also like to figure out if there is a template generator that people use that they're happy with.

Finish the Noord-Holland dress, and post it on my page.

Compile the Fries research and start THAT outfit.

Continue to try to source supplies for the Sooper Seekrit Projekt.

Contemplate the steampunk mod of John's laptop
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I continue to bang my head against the Guild thing, for the sole reason that I have a bit of a stubborn streak. Though from the other side's perspective, I'm not speaking sense, I'm lobbing Malotov cocktails. It put me over the top when one of the officers remarked that it would be OK to hold an A&S challenge - as long as every entrant gets the same token. No prizes.

I'm utterly sick of the Montessori School Noncompetitive Musical Chairs mentality. Apparently they want to sit at home (events are too expensive/too far away/I don't like the local people), not be challenged, receive no honest feedback, get lots of ego stroking, be awarded by the Kingdom, and not ever have to DO anything. Oh, and never have their precious little feelings hurt, nor have to be a party to anything competitive or in any way self-esteen lowering connected with the Guild in any way.

*head desk*

If there can be no chance of defeat - there can be no victory. Success connotes the possibility of failure. Where there is no honest assessment, there can be no improvement. And awards given to such people have no meaning.


So I made homemade English muffins today. And a batch of bread. And a Chocolate-Cinnamon Pudding Cake (I'll post the recipe, Tiff).

And thereby I end my day with a fresh muffin, freshly toasted, lightly buttered, dressed with some homemade strawberry jam and a dollop of cream that I whipped about an hour ago with a bit of vanilla sugar.

I feel better now. ;-)

Entertainingly, on the phone tonight Dad was angling for fresh English muffins with all the subtlety of a rabid rhino in a tea cup shop. Apparently I shall have to make some next time I go home.

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