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So, my separated-at-birth-sister is looking at a tres cool hat. But she's not a knitter. Until we can infect educate her, is there anybody who might be interested in this complete Project of Insanity that she has in mind here
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I was flipping through my links the other day, and one of the newer online knitting mags had the most adorable little hat that I'd like to knit for Rori:

Cut for pics )
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Into felt donuts!

And tea sets!

And and cakes!!

The cute, it burns! It burns!!!!

(and I started the El-p-fant. Cause I have buttercream and raspberry yarn and I'm going to make it look like the one from the Island of Misfit toys. Though eventually two children will require two of each critter. I'm trying to figure out how to knit cables onto the chicken. And maybe do the other El-P-fant in lavendar - like Lumpy the Heffalump)
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I pretty much knit for my girls. ;-)

So I'm trying to find some good links. I want to knit them matching sweaters this fall. I like this one. Of course, if you click around her blog, I pretty much like all her stuff.

This site looks like it's intended to be sort of a "Knitty" for kids' patterns. I'll have to keep watch.

And, one of my favorite knitting designers is a moving force behind this website.

Decisions, decisions. Hoping to have a pattern picked out before Fiber fest so I know how much yarn to buy.


Jul. 24th, 2009 02:32 pm
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So, after many trials and tribulations, we got our new phone line and internet connection up and running yesterday. I'll spare the details that involve a wasted day waiting for a technician - who didn't show up as we were scheduled for a remote install. And my husband actually managing to rewire the phone jack. (Making me wonder why the electrical outlet in the bathroom has him so completely flummoxed).

We had another chicken break, resulting in husbandly panic. In which he learned 2 things - I am not a Harem Girl - never clap to summon me. And chickens don't go for long explores at night. They just want to roost up high. None of them was more than a foot from their pen. *eye roll*

Working on my costumer's AT cards. I have come to grips with the fact that my minimal skills as an illuminator were not going to serve, as my current costuming bent is 16th century. And that would just not work well. So I've gone with decoupaging on some bits of my favorite inspiring portraits and then embellishing them with various tidbits. So far, so good. Altered cards, as it were.

I'm thinking I might look for yarn at Fiber Fest for Rori. I think I'll use Susan Anderson's hat pattern as a base. And try to knit some fairy wings to stick on amongst the flowers. I'm thinking of some seasonal variations, so we'll have to see what colors I find.

I'm in a shopping mood and I have no money, so it's a link shopping day:

This speaks to me as a quilt for Anneliese, what with the mermaids.

And this for Rori, though I might go with a single colorway. Love the princess and the pea one. The unicorn tapestry isn't bad, either.

This is just cute. It doesn't need a reason.

I have no idea what I would make with this, but it feels like deep summer.

More mermaids, different colorway.

More summer fabric. Just pretty.

I'm also going to troll the Fest for some Spud and Chloe yarn. The sweater weight. For the Ror-ster.

I might pick out something as a reward if the weight loss project continues apace. The scale at the gym says 7# - which is probably at least 2-3# of water from the pred dosage. But still. I've moved up my sets on the weights and added more weight on, as well. Yea, me.
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Well, if not eat it, at least have a calorie-free experience:

Knitted cakes!
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So I have a couple things sort of on my list. Maybe.

I like this book, and it seems to have disappeared from local bookstores. I waited too long, intending to use a JoAnns coupon. Dirty buggers keep putting magazines on for 10% off whenever they have coupons available. And you can't use coupons on sale items. And this "book" ends up on the magazine rack. Grrrrr.... (had the same problem with the new issue of Australian Smocking and Embroidery) *cranky*

I'd also like this one. But it probably won't be available yet by fest. It's release date is 8/31/09, and they more often release late than early.

Maybe I will try to find some yarn to knit Anneliese some leg and arm warmers for dance class this winter.

I'm just uninspired. *sigh* I want to go. But I don't know what I want.
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I'm sort of in a mood lately. I'm thinking about joining a knitting swap again. Just wish I'd though about it earlier in the summer. Look what I missed out on:

Hogwarts Summer Camp!!!


Oh well. Maybe the next "semester" will start again soon. I had a lot of fun with the last one. I might start collecting HP stuff soon, as it should be easy to find with the movie coming out.
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I'm still on the hunt for an aide for Anneliese. But I have a few new leads. I've contacted GVSU and Calvin. I've also found a couple of advocacy groups I didn't know existed. One for ASD specifically, and one for Developmentally Disabled people. So hopefully somebody will have something helpful to say.

John makes me pound my head sometimes. Note: If Rori gets up two hours early, then two hours before naptime assumes Baby Sleepy position (On tummy, butt in the air, little footies crossed) and fusses on the floor.... she's tired - put her down for a nap!!

Otherwise same ol', same ol'. Need to make more Gesso, get a Latin translation of the Court Barony text, and finish my costumer's ATCs.

I DID buy a couple of new knitting books:

This one may need to be cancelled for a while. It says "Ships in 2-3 weeks" but is listed as printing Nov 1 2009. So I'm not sure if it's in print yet or not.

I've wanted this for a while

This one is on the "want" list.

Hmmm, time to make the shopping list for Fiber Fest.
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Lookie what _I_ gots:

I found this whilst digging through my stash. There's not a LOT of it, but I wonder if there is enough for that Westphalia jacket, if cut carefully. Maybe with chocolate brown velvet guards and skirt?

I'm thinking I might add a small tapestry piece and a handspun, knitted Monmouth cap to the A&S list. Or maybe knitted gloves - Alaina did you have a pattern? Meanwhile, I'm entertaining myself knitting socks for Mom. She's always cold in the winter, mostly because she has no body fat. She'll either adore them, or thank me politely and stuff them in a drawer. No way to tell which.

Here's the toe of the first sock: )
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A meme:

Your Score: Rosalind Russell

You scored 19% grit, 42% wit, 28% flair, and 26% class!

You are one wise-cracking lady, always quick with a clever remark and easily able to keep up with the quips and puns that come along with the nutty situations you find yourself in. You're usually able to talk your way out of any jam, and even if you can't, you at least make it more interesting with your biting wit. You can match the smartest guy around line for line, and you've got an open mind that allows you to get what you want, even if you don't recognize it at first. Your leading men include Cary Grant and Clark Gable, men who can keep up with you.

Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the
Classic Leading Man Test.

Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

On the update front:

I've begun maundering on a design for Dad's "Captain Hook" jacket. Not that I'm likely to get to it until NEXT spring. But I like to contemplate for a while, first.

Found a cool image from Memling's "The Last Judgement" Triptych that has a burgundian with partially sew in sleeves. I kind of like the look. I might have to try that for the whole Maternity garb thing. Also, the beaded veil rocks!


Knitting - not a lot going on. I very briefly maundered on doing a medieval silk relic bag, then thought better of it. Silk is probably not the best choice for a first try at colorwork. And I'm probably more likely to finish an embroidered pouch, anyway.

I have a list a mile high of stuff to do for Darling. And he's busy stressing over the job-thing. So we're quite a pair. I might send him off tomorrow to finish his polearm and great sword. It will keep him out of my hair. Though I'm not sure he'll bother with GR practice with gas at $3.65/gal. *sigh* At least I'm on call for the weekend, so no travel plans to agonize over.
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All the running around has had me not posting much this month.

So our new Doctor has started, and I really do think Marlene is overestimating any new grad's ability to hit the ground running. She needs to spend more time with me or Marlene (preferably Marlene, as I have no patience) before going out on her own. Really, only time will build confidence.

My techs all got together and got me some VERY spiffy birthday presents. A very pretty hanging basket with fuschia and impaitens in it. And two books from my wishlist - one on saving vegetable seeds for a self-perpetuating garden (cause DANG seeds are getting expensive!), and one on knitting itty bitty hats. So, I invite you to look through some of the hats from the book that were knitted up by someone much more dedicated than I am here:


Scroll down a bit to the adorable hats. Any votes for favorites? I don't really have much of a stash for the ones that have all kinds of different colored flowers. So I'm thinking something more solid.

Recreationist related stuff....

I managed to score some nice white brocade the other day, as well as some white and red softwill. So I'm going to put together a heraldic surcoat for melee use, as well as a jupon for tourney use. I'll need some new red brocade to line the sleeves with and to make the little piggies. Thank goodness for heavy duty heat'n'bond!!!

Alaina is kindly making me a new gown. Which means I should get off my butt and do a new summer outfit for the Muffin. I'm thinking cotton chemise and sleeveless kirtle. Still not sure what to do for Darling. He's lost enough weight that he either needs a new hole in his belt or a new belt entirely. So I'm debating about how much work to put into a summer outfit for him. If this keeps up, he won't be able to wear it next year. Which, while wonderful from a standpoint of his health, makes my life more difficult for making him stuff.

And reading "The Lady and the Unicorn" now has me in the mood to monkey a little with tapestry weaving. I wonder if I can get Dad to make me a loom....

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