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Prodded here and there I am revisiting the "Project Runway" event idea.

For those just joining us, in a fit of aggravation with the Golden Seamstress event, brought on by sugar shock from Ben & Jerry's and a Project Runway Marathon.... I, with the evil support of others whose names have been changed to protect the innocent, have been contemplating an event that is basically a "Project Runway" challenge, SCA-style. One of the original posts is here.

Recently it's been suggested that the problem of fabric expense on OUR part would be to provide muslin. Then let people make a muslin. Maybe add fabric paint. (Or watered down acrylics).

SO I'm a-noodlin' again. I try to use the gauge of whether I'd be interested in taking part in any given challenge. Gotta say, this one doesn't really excite me. But it has the advantage of being feasible. Hrrrmmmmm..........

I guess it comes down in part to whether you prefer a design challenge or a construction challenge as the primary factor. And whether there are enough people around who are comfortable enough with enough styles to be interested.

Also sort of toying with the idea of a "Don't go Topless" millinery challenge on the side.

So.... I need your thoughts, criticisms, inspirations and ideas. Whaddaya think? (Site not a problem, sponsorship of a local group not a problem. Staffing really not a problem.)

Things to consider:

1. A fun Challenge
2. Can be completed in ~8 hours
3. Not too much up front expense for the organizers
4. Can be built on in successive years - but needs to have enough appeal in year 1 to make it that far.
5. Ideally promotes accurate costuming
6. Doesn't crush anybody's ego
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I preface this by pointing out that it is extremely cold and very windy today. 4 inches of powder so far, and probably another 4 to come - all blowing around and occasionally obscuring the house across the street. It MIGHT be affecting my brain.

On to the so-called thoughts )
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OK, so I probably won't stay up to watch the new episode tonight (cause it'll be on again and again this week - when it won't eat into my sleepy time). But I really do get a kick out of Project Runway.

First off, I never cease to be amazed at the way at least one of them will Gack on any given episode.

Second, I like to ponder what I might do. Sometimes this is dangerous. I occasionally get a design stuck in my own head, and I find it distracting. The current version is an espresso velvet bustier-bodiced gown with carmine piping, and a draped skirt. French ribbon flowers. I probably ought to at least learn design illustrating. If I could put them on paper, I maybe could get them out of my head and move on. It would look darned good on one of my techs, though....

Third, I do respect those abilities. Actually, I'd like to take a class or three on couture techniques someday. Maybe this one . I have her book and really like it.

I do know a smattering of high fashion techniques (cotton organdy, for one. Silk organza sleeve heads, for another. Which I learned from my mother, of all people. Who picked them up here and there, probably largely from Vogue, over the years. She's a fascinating woman, and I'm hoping that once she retires I can squeeze a few more out of her. And a few more that I've gotten from heirloom sewing.

I don't want to monkey with it for a living, or anything. It would cease to be fun. And I would not be tolerant of "clients." But just to know that I was capable.

Which gets me musing again about the SCA version we've been toying with. Alaina had a line on a potential site. We'd need to pool our libraries to provide references. But I have no idea how many people might be interested, or how to figure out what sort of a site fee we'd need. Maybe a combo of cash plus a fabric donation for next year? Hmmm, maybe not. I don't really want a pile of polyester if I can help it. Nor am I at all sure which (if any) of the local groups might consider sponsorship. Especially for such a half-baked idea that might end up losing money. Though one hemisphere of my brain is inclined to start picking up fabric when I find it super cheapie and stash it away.

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My brain is in the "on" position tonight. It's not in gear, just running off battery power, I think. So I offer the musings that ran through my little pea brain tonight (yet again) on the topic of an SCA Project Runway. It's not even so much that I'm so fond of competition, especially in sewing, which is pretty DARNED subjective (as various victims of Golden Seamstress can attest). It's more that I think being pushed to work outside your comfort zone can help expand your skills. I've come up with a variety of ideas for challenges:

The String of Silliness I Came Up With )

So, what would the costume-y among you most enjoy participating in?

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