Jul. 24th, 2009 02:32 pm
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So, after many trials and tribulations, we got our new phone line and internet connection up and running yesterday. I'll spare the details that involve a wasted day waiting for a technician - who didn't show up as we were scheduled for a remote install. And my husband actually managing to rewire the phone jack. (Making me wonder why the electrical outlet in the bathroom has him so completely flummoxed).

We had another chicken break, resulting in husbandly panic. In which he learned 2 things - I am not a Harem Girl - never clap to summon me. And chickens don't go for long explores at night. They just want to roost up high. None of them was more than a foot from their pen. *eye roll*

Working on my costumer's AT cards. I have come to grips with the fact that my minimal skills as an illuminator were not going to serve, as my current costuming bent is 16th century. And that would just not work well. So I've gone with decoupaging on some bits of my favorite inspiring portraits and then embellishing them with various tidbits. So far, so good. Altered cards, as it were.

I'm thinking I might look for yarn at Fiber Fest for Rori. I think I'll use Susan Anderson's hat pattern as a base. And try to knit some fairy wings to stick on amongst the flowers. I'm thinking of some seasonal variations, so we'll have to see what colors I find.

I'm in a shopping mood and I have no money, so it's a link shopping day:

This speaks to me as a quilt for Anneliese, what with the mermaids.

And this for Rori, though I might go with a single colorway. Love the princess and the pea one. The unicorn tapestry isn't bad, either.

This is just cute. It doesn't need a reason.

I have no idea what I would make with this, but it feels like deep summer.

More mermaids, different colorway.

More summer fabric. Just pretty.

I'm also going to troll the Fest for some Spud and Chloe yarn. The sweater weight. For the Ror-ster.

I might pick out something as a reward if the weight loss project continues apace. The scale at the gym says 7# - which is probably at least 2-3# of water from the pred dosage. But still. I've moved up my sets on the weights and added more weight on, as well. Yea, me.
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I need my Space-Time Continuum Modulator again.

Especially since it's early afternoon - which, being just past lunch, is sleepy-time in my world. *yawn* Too bad I have all those annoying appointments coming up to prevent it. *sigh*
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Still noodling on the quilt.

I really do think I'll pick out a 40's block pattern (maybe two - alternating).

Now, provided I can find them in person at a local shop (it's too hard to design a quilt if you can't fondle the fabrics. Online or paper swatches aren't big enough for a real feeling of how the colors and scales interact), which collection would be best? I'm going for a lt. blue and red quilt. So I'd like a large scale print with red roses on a blue ground, plus cooridnating damasks, small scales, dots, and stripes. I'll probably back it in a stripe. Then maybe curtains in a white and red stripe with a more solid red border.

So -




Ava Rose??

Whadday'all think?

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