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by the way, to all of you who seem to value most when I am being most utterly myself.

In other words, a big ol' thank you to those of you who give me a "hear, hear!" when I'm being rather snarky and mulish, if completely honest. As opposed to hiding under your seats waiting for me to go away.

You're better company, anyway.


Plus, ya'll agree with me, which means you must be smarter. *wink*
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A leetle fun. If'n I'm going to daydream, might as well dream big:

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-Or, What Falls Out if I Turn My Head to Quickly.

1. The sentence "I/He/She didn't mean it," has two potential meanings.
Either the speaker misspoke, suffered a Freudian slip, or was unaware of pertinent information that made the statement inappropriate.

Or the speaker possesses no empathy center, had no verbal filters in place, was too oblivious to realize the remark was not appropriate, or was a sociopath who probably never says "I didn't mean it" anyway.

The gulf between the two is enormous. In fact, the second meaning makes the statement false to start with. They meant what they said, they're just embarrassed to have been caught out saying something others consider rude.

2. If you're going to argue with me about every diagnostic test I want to run on your pet because you've been reading on the intar-webs and you think I'm wrong we have no real reason to continue a veterinarian/client relationship. Go do it your damn self. What, you can't buy a veterinary license online?

3. Sometimes pitching a small fit can do a little bit of good. My co-worker is now slightly less oblivious about the schedule. The Hubs has made himself a house-cleaning list. At least a couple people are pausing for an instant to think about what I might want before they go do what THEY want to do. I don't expect it to last. I don't expect it to expand. But a little consideration is sort of nice.

4. Teeny-weenies are even more adorable in curly pig-tails than they are when unadorned. Pictures shall be forthcoming, with any luck.

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