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I have now officially cut my ties to the textile guild. Which was really more of a dysfunctional household, anyway. I cannot abide back room deals, private e-mail campaigns, sniping, whining, whinging, and carrying on behind the backs and out of the sight of the general membership. It's ludicrous, unethical, stupid, and I won't be a party to it any more.

Shedding the responsibility, the worry about its reputation vs my reputation, the feeling of obligation to participate in group projects no matter how stupid I may find them creates a delightful sense of freedom that goes well with this sunshine-y day. It's Spring. (Well almost). Time for a new dawn. I have things to do for ME that do not involve coddling fragile little egos that want to be told what they want to hear rather than the truth. I had stayed subscribed to the E-group for just a while afterward, then thought better of it and just disconnected myself entirely. Better to not have any idea what's being said about me now, and thereby not even be tempted to answer back.

This also frees up a fair amount of time in my schedule (yeah, me!).

I will have to talk things over with Lisa regarding Joomla! Since we share the domain name, I'm not sure I can use it for just MY pages. And I certainly don't want to screw hers up. Though, on the upside, Joomla! does allow you to disable both right-click and Ctrl-C copy. And has a variety of picture gallery formats to choose from. I'd also like to figure out if there is a template generator that people use that they're happy with.

Finish the Noord-Holland dress, and post it on my page.

Compile the Fries research and start THAT outfit.

Continue to try to source supplies for the Sooper Seekrit Projekt.

Contemplate the steampunk mod of John's laptop
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Oi. Enough now, thank you, Universe.

John's BIL had a stroke last week. Walking, talking, but with other impairments that look to be permanent. *sigh*

Thursday's evaluation for Rori went OK. But. It took me a while, but I'd come to terms with being considered High Risk when I'm pregnant (and I mean that in the "Oh good Lord, not HER again!" sense - not the "you have a couple of risk factors" sense). I'm an independent little soul, and I don't like being micromanaged. I was not prepared to be told that because of Annelise, Rori is considered High Risk for Autism. And will therefore be evaluated repeatedly over the next few years. Beginning Very Soon. That one hit like a punch to the Solar Plexus. Have I mentioned how much I don't want to have to do all this again? And you cannot imagine the sort of recriminations your brain can find at 3 AM on why this is all happening. *sigh*

One of my co-workers was about 11 weeks pg, and lost the baby last week. :-( So I've sort of been her shoulder - in addition to getting to relive the whole sorry mess myself. Blerg. Though she's bounced back OK, I think. Well, my OB did mention that he was of the opinion that women who already HAVE children tend to take it much harder, as they understand better what was lost.

John is trying to figure out something to do whilst Rori is at her program. It's 1 1/2 hours, twice a week. In BFE. I suggested he try to work on his book. ;-) Most of his writing is on the old laptop. From which Boo has removed a number of keys. So I might do a steampunk mod on the laptop. Hmmmm, need some cherry veneer, leather, brass edging, upholstery tacks, vintage typewriter keys, ... Anybody know where I can get some little tiny LEDs? preferably purple?

I had the strangest dream last night. I was in school. John was in the Naval Academy. ?!? And we were being offered choices for his first post: Brazil, Barbados, or Sumatra. Not sure if this is my subconscious' way of expressing anxiety about potential relocation - or if it just wants to go on a cruise or something.

Probably done banging my head on the whole Guild thing. Ain't nobody listening, anyhow. Erg. Trying to pretend your personal fiefdom is a Kingdom entity tends to go badly. I suspect there are some machinations of a Peerlike nature going on behind the scenes. Which is irritating. I've said everything I've had to say publicly. I wish others would do the same. Elsewise, you just get someone posting "Well, the group/council/whatever wants it THIS way." I'm sorry, I have no way of knowing if that's true. Pretty much I don't care anymore.
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I continue to bang my head against the Guild thing, for the sole reason that I have a bit of a stubborn streak. Though from the other side's perspective, I'm not speaking sense, I'm lobbing Malotov cocktails. It put me over the top when one of the officers remarked that it would be OK to hold an A&S challenge - as long as every entrant gets the same token. No prizes.

I'm utterly sick of the Montessori School Noncompetitive Musical Chairs mentality. Apparently they want to sit at home (events are too expensive/too far away/I don't like the local people), not be challenged, receive no honest feedback, get lots of ego stroking, be awarded by the Kingdom, and not ever have to DO anything. Oh, and never have their precious little feelings hurt, nor have to be a party to anything competitive or in any way self-esteen lowering connected with the Guild in any way.

*head desk*

If there can be no chance of defeat - there can be no victory. Success connotes the possibility of failure. Where there is no honest assessment, there can be no improvement. And awards given to such people have no meaning.


So I made homemade English muffins today. And a batch of bread. And a Chocolate-Cinnamon Pudding Cake (I'll post the recipe, Tiff).

And thereby I end my day with a fresh muffin, freshly toasted, lightly buttered, dressed with some homemade strawberry jam and a dollop of cream that I whipped about an hour ago with a bit of vanilla sugar.

I feel better now. ;-)

Entertainingly, on the phone tonight Dad was angling for fresh English muffins with all the subtlety of a rabid rhino in a tea cup shop. Apparently I shall have to make some next time I go home.
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... but it can possibly be said I didn't try very hard. ;-)

Drahma Below the Cut )
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Didja ever notice how somebody will put a concept into your brain and it runs around in circles until it forms a track?

Whither and Thither about the net, I have lately run into more protestations than usual regarding what sorts of things will be happening at specific events. So I present various ponderments for your perusal:

Case the Firste: A well-established event has grown so large that it's straining the site at it's seams. There really are no other affordable sites in the region that could even match the capacity. The extremes in attendance have led the organizers to limit certain things, mostly in response to those imposed by the Fire Martial and Health Dept. To whit - no day camps, no sideboards, no "public food" except that provided by the lunch tavern. All of which, I have no issue with. It's an intensely crowded event. There are multiple fighting lists - it's sort of the start of the melee season, as it's the only indoor site big enough to accomodate such activity. There is also a fencing list, and an extensive merchant area with usually ~80 vendors. Add in a smallish A&S display and a lunch tavern... and around 1200 people. I don't really go anymore, as it's too crowded for me to enjoy anything, especially with the little ones in tow.

But, Oh, the B*tching!! "Where can my household go to have our group meal?" "What do you mean we can't set up our Yurt!" *eye roll* You would prefer, mayhap, that there be an attendance cap imposed? My favorite gripe thus far...."Can't the SCA, since we have years of experience doing these sorts of events, without problems, negotiate for contracts outside the usual rules?" Cause, ya know, all SCAdians are smart, polite, people who wouldn't ever do questionable things and certainly would never sue!! *head desk*

Case the Seconde: And this one is more general. What is with the knee-jerk reaction of people refusing to attend an event if their favorite activity isn't being accomodated? The stereotype is that "stick jocks" won't show up to an event if there's no fighting. Not sure this is really, in fact, the case. Most of them DO have a few other interests. Or, maybe, a significant other to accompany. But I see it across the board. I remember one particularly brilliant example wherein there was a snit amongst some of the fencing crowd that there would be no fencing tournament at Crown. I recall a threat of boycotting. *eye roll* Srsly? And no one group is immune from the Disease!!!

Case the Thirde: Every. Little. Tiny. Local group - thinks they need to throw event after event after event. Even with a "100-mile rule" the Kingdom Calendar is just choked. It can be difficult to GET things on the calendar. There is even one incipient group that is hosting two events on consecutive weekends. I can't figure out if they are A. Stupid, B. Inexperienced, or C. Both. Nor did anybody from higher up seem to have any problem with the idea. It's like 6 people - hosting two events, one of which is a Baronial event - and they're out in BFE.

Guys... Rlly? Honest? The economy, especially up here, is in the toilet. Most people I know are cutting their event attendance budget. Which means suddenly you have more gates competing for fewer attendees.

Which brings to mind the following questions....

Does it start to make sense to add activities to an event in order to increase it's draw?
Or would you rather see lots of little tightly focussed events?

Me? I prefer broader stuff, to a degree. John and I like to go to stuff together.

Granted, lots of stuff on the Calendar don't interest me at all. I won't be bothered with the Viking Life seminar, or the Slavic Symposium, the fencing event, etc. Nor will I insist that they do other stuff to accomodate MY interests.

But I wonder if some of our more "Ancient and Venerable" events need to alter their structure? I still think Spring Crown would be a better event without Kingdom A&S Faire as a part of it. (Anathema!! Anathema!! Get the tar!! Get the feathers!!!) And Kingdom Faire would be a better event if the Faire WAS the event. Maybe with some Martial tourneys - that require an A&S entry in order to enter the tourney. Something for everybody to do during judging.

I'm not against small, well executed events. I really, really love Vineyard Raids - which is tiny, but always seems to pull off magical weather for October in MI. Nice site, relaxed pace. But with a little fencing, a little A&S, a little Heavy combat... and lots of space for socializing.

Not sure we need to keep doing some of the smaller events just because we always have. And I wonder if the requirement for every branch to have an event every year doesn't dilute the quality of the available choices. Every other year maybe? Or in conjunction with another group still counts?
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My commute last night got fouled up more than usual. Half way home, Ilsa turned on a "Min Oil" indicator. &^@#^$@$%. I'd caught a whiff of burning oil here and there, and she is particularly smoky on very cold mornings, when she's been sitting a while. Which was yesterday AM. So I pull off in Hooterville (Hudsonville). I checked two different gas stations - No synthetic. Then I notice a Quaker State oil change place. I nipped in there, and the nice young man sold me three quarts of oil. It took 2 to get her back into gear safely.

Naturally, I complain to John. And he goes digging through the BBs on Audis. As it turns out, it's not a "problem" in that something needs fixing. It's that the A6 2.7T is intolerant of subarctic temps. To whit: Extreme cold and increased oil viscosity traps oil in the Turbo pan. Which then must burn off. Two solutions - use a lower viscosity oil than the manufacturer recommends, or install an engine heater and plug her in every night. Even replacing the garage door and opener and putting her in the garage won't solve the issue by itself (though it needs doing). Because it's still too cold in there for her taste. Freaking prima donna Krautmobile.

And, of late, issues with the bus driver for Anneliese. You wouldn't think it would be THAT hard to find somebody to take the Special Needs route who has a little patience. Last year, she'd honk once, then drive off. This one just complained to the teacher about how long it takes us to get her out the door in the AM. (For the record - 30-60 seconds). Sorry dear, but I refuse to be railroaded by somebody with an inferiority complex and a need to feel important. Anneliese can't be trusted to stand out there by herself. She just doesn't get the concept of danger/traffic. John can't stand out with her and the baby. The bus shows up somehwere in a 10 minute time period with no real consistency. Anneliese is a typical sensory-issue kid. You can't put snowpants, coat, hat, boots, mittens on and expect her to wear it indoors for 10 minutes. SHe won't. So we put her in snowpants and boots. Then, when the bus comes, throw on coat, hat, mittens, and back pack and scoot her out the door. Deal. With. It. I don't believe this is really "throwing off the run." And if it is - consider re-evaluating your run. Grrrrrr.

Tonight - make a couple more batches of bread. Maybe John will brew tomorrow. I intend to steal barm for my wastrel bread and for a banbury cake.
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-Or, What Falls Out if I Turn My Head to Quickly.

1. The sentence "I/He/She didn't mean it," has two potential meanings.
Either the speaker misspoke, suffered a Freudian slip, or was unaware of pertinent information that made the statement inappropriate.

Or the speaker possesses no empathy center, had no verbal filters in place, was too oblivious to realize the remark was not appropriate, or was a sociopath who probably never says "I didn't mean it" anyway.

The gulf between the two is enormous. In fact, the second meaning makes the statement false to start with. They meant what they said, they're just embarrassed to have been caught out saying something others consider rude.

2. If you're going to argue with me about every diagnostic test I want to run on your pet because you've been reading on the intar-webs and you think I'm wrong we have no real reason to continue a veterinarian/client relationship. Go do it your damn self. What, you can't buy a veterinary license online?

3. Sometimes pitching a small fit can do a little bit of good. My co-worker is now slightly less oblivious about the schedule. The Hubs has made himself a house-cleaning list. At least a couple people are pausing for an instant to think about what I might want before they go do what THEY want to do. I don't expect it to last. I don't expect it to expand. But a little consideration is sort of nice.

4. Teeny-weenies are even more adorable in curly pig-tails than they are when unadorned. Pictures shall be forthcoming, with any luck.
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The new vet we hired to help on Saturdays has been rescheduled at her other job, and is now only available 1 Saturday in January.

12th Night is likely a wash, though we'll see.

I really wish that MY feelings, wants, and desires meant something to somebody around me. But clearly not.

So go ahead, say whatever you like to me, stick me with a few more hours at work, drop major problems in my lap and go blithely on your way. Everybody else does.

*grumble, trudge, grumble, trudge*

D.C. and a major relocation is looking good, in comparison.


I have a headache. Where did John put that bottle of oak-aged hard cider he bought me.

*mumble, whine*
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How did we come to this?

A recent exchange on an LJ comm with another soul left a tidbit from "My Fair Lady" running through my mind:

"Her English is too perfect!! Which clearly indicates that she is foreign. Whereas others are instructed in their native language, English people aren't."

Really, the whole of the plot of that musical is built on the class distinctions created by language. And I don't mean which language you speak, but rather how you speak the English language.

This, I believe, is the final "barrier" being assaulted by the Though Police. They wish you to believe that we live in a classless society. Not true. And that you should not distinguish between one person and another based on their facility with the English language. Even if it happens to be their native tongue.

I stand forth and declare myself a languagist. If I notice multiple misspellings and grammatical errors in your resume, I will indeed place it directly in the circular file. There is absolutely no excuse in this day and age. Even lj has a spell check mechanism. Which, ironically, highlights "lj" as a misspelling. I contend, as well, that anyone proffering written commentary on my A&S entries had better at least be able to spell the basic terminology of the art. Failure to do so will result in my considering said commentary to be baseless, or at least coming from a source ignorant of the craft. Why? Because the carelessness required to draft commentary with such errors makes you look ignorant.

And, I'm sorry to say, no liberal whining about the inequality of the educational system will change that.

Then, there is the aspect of courtesy. How is it rude of ME to refuse to answer questions posed to a list in an E-mail that looks like this:

"Hi all the dress makers form is still avalible along with the singer sowing
mackine and a sewing stand and aunt virg told me she found a portable cloth
steamer 3 ft long call and ill give give you her # to talk direct my # is 989
906 1815

*name deleted*

PS I didnt save the numbers of anyone that called"

Whilst it is NOT rude of the poster to clog the list with something that makes my retinas bleed. It takes twice as long to wend my way through it. Why should I be expected to expend the time to read a message that the author cannot be bothered to type correctly?

Anybody with the most basic education can do better than this. Especially when coupled with the electronic aids currently available. I can only assume that the existence of these aids is part of the reason for the general decline in linguistic ability. If you never lose points on an essay for poor grammar or spelling, you never learn it to start with.

Shall we even get started on the recent elimination of cursive script from public school curricula as "obsolete" and "irrelevant?" All the art and beauty is gradually being lost from social interaction. Bring back calling cards!! Engraved stationery!! Dammit, I'm going to teach my girls copperplate!!

This is not to say that I don't manage some impressive spelling and grammatical errors myself. I do. But I make an effort to make public communications as clear as may be. (Gee, did I just end a sentence with a preposition?)

In short (well, too late for that, but anyway), I reserve the right to treat someone who speaks (and types) like a lady, and someone who speaks (and types) like a guttersnipe accordingly. So if you want my full and undivided attention - speak softly....and with good diction.
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Things I'm getting tired of: General obliviousness.

Cut for extended complaining )
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and boy do I get it.

I ask the hubs this morning (for the 3rd time) to please call and transfer my Rx and go pick it up. He says "I will get that taken care of before 10 AM!"

Fast forward - 3:15 PM - Phone call. "Honey, not all branches have a pharmacy. There isn't one in Holland, so we'd have to use the Muskegon one" Fine, I say. We have a "Preferred" membership, so it might even mean a discount.

Then I think about it for a while - Anneliese gets home at 4 PM. He does NOT have time to go get it. Call him back. Confirm that he had no intention of doing so. So, one of us goes once I get home? Ah, but the pharmacy closes at 6.

So he pulls the martyred "I shall go gather up the children and go now" routine. F it. Don't bother. I'll do it tomorrow myself. And suffer tonight and tomorrow until I get a chance after work.... cause I'm out.

Must. Control. Fist. Of. Death.
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just dreary and drizzly. And things are conspiring against me all the way around.

I learned this weekend that hydroxyzine can kick my ass and take names. I took one capsule in the evening, and it didn't seem to do anything. So I took the second. Um, yeah. I was a zombie until 5 PM on Sunday. Went back to bed for 2 naps. Pretty much whenever Rori slept, I did. Oi.

I took Tuesday afternoon off, and took Anneliese to dance class. Mistake. Between being tired, the break in rutine (Momma instead of Daddy), and the instructor's boys watching a video in the entryway... she wasn't really at her best. In fact, sobbed the first half hour. After the mid-class break she did get with the program a little more and try to keep up with the class. And at least I've seen enough of their steps to try ot work with her a little this weekend.

Leslie went a few rounds with the dingle-berry that runs one of the local rescues. Who informed us that we should give HER a discount, as we'll get a client out of it. Sorry, dipweed. They're already my clients. She also huffed and puffed and informed Leslie that SHE is in it for the animals, while we're in it for profit. I'd have let her have it with both barrels. Fine, lady. YOU go scrape up 80K and spend 4 years getting the degree. Then you can spay and neuter all the critters you want. Grrrrrrr.

I'm filling up my class lists for RUM. ;-) Little by little and bit by bit!

*yawn* Want NAP.
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Didn't get as much marked off the ol' list this weekend as I would have liked. Things kept conspiring to make it difficult.

I DID manage to get Anneliese's Tinkerbell cake done Friday night, which she was quite delighted with. Saturday ended up mostly shot, running around. And that's not the best way to recover from a rough week spent covering for the other doctor in the practice. Especially with a teething baby up a lot of Saturday night.

Sunday I managed to freeze 2 dozen ears of corn down into 19 meal-size bags. Then I went to clean out the chicken pen. One of them escaped my clutches, and ended up roosting in a pan of used oil that John hadn't gotten rid of yet. *sigh* Multiple baths in Dawn dish soap later, she's still greasy. I anticipate she won't survive the experience. Stupid way to loose a bird. But, I find the Polish are exceedingly stupid birds. Next time, French Marans. Also, chicken-bathing is much funnier in concept than in actual practice. Oh, and the Barred Rock has started laying. Unfortunately, she seems to prefer to do it from a height. Hopefully she'll start using a nest box instead, because eggs don't do well with 4 ft drops.

I've discovered a new magazine called "Living Crafts." Mostly it's stuff to make for and with your kids. I might get a subscription at some point. Right now, I'm saving my Amazon certificates up for Christmas shopping. But maybe after the holidays...

Imminent move potential is still causing some High Anxiety. Enough so that last night I ended up having to resort to a bottle of hard cider to get the hamster of the mental wheel and settle down to sleep (finally) at 12 AM. And of course, Rori was up at 12:30. Though she just wanted a dry diaper and a small bottle and then back to bed. Good girl! My goodness, but she's getting to be a tall drink of water. Next weekend I get off, we'll go visit Mom and Dad. Their house has a lot more open spaces. She'll have to walk or crawl - no cruising 'round the furniture. Which might help with the walking thing. Mom wants me to get her some little high-topped shoes, as that was apparently the key for a friends' child. But I'm not quite ready to push her yet, and I thought that current theory was to keep their feet bare if you can, as it helps development of the arch and ankle ligaments.

I also think part of the anxiety is that I'm running out of things to "research" about the area for now. So I have no way to channel the energy. Other than to worry about things I can't easily replace. Like my OB/GYN. And friends. And such. *sigh* Maybe I'll go look into things we'd like to have access to out there - a cow share program, farmers' markets, etc. I suppose I should also find the number I had around for the veterinary head hunter and let her know that I may be in the market in that area. Just have to figure out what I'd like to do. Do I stay in private pratice? Not sure my rather blunt midwestern manner would go over well in that area. Regulatory medicine? Corporate? Hmmmmm.....

Back to work for a bit, whilst I wait for my Dr's office to call back. The dippy office nurse had never even heard of Sarcoptes, and then just assumed I worked in a veterinary office. Which is idiotic, as Sarcoptes is pretty darned species specific. So if I've had it for months, it's the human version. Likely from the blankets we get donated from a local nursing home, rather than a patient of my own. Since I haven't seen a case of scabies in years. And she had no idea what ivermectin was, and wanted me to give her the dosage. O_o Um. That's your job. We don't use it orally and I have no F'in clue what the people dosage is.

Tired. Aggravated. More later.
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I must go pound my head on the wall, I think.

I skipped out on Regional A&S - because it got moved up three weeks, with three weeks' notice, and I had to work. For heaven forbid that we allow it to conflict with RUM! (Never mind the other Regional that was scheduled afterward that is being allowed to conflict with RUM. Apparently, they're special.)

And, big surprise, a whole three entries turn up for Regional. Leading to commentary from some out of Region folks about how our "numbers are dropping." Um, duh. If you had a time table, and somebody cut it in half on you, would you get stuff done?

So, in their infinite generosity, Kingdom has extended the invitation to enter the Midlands or Constellation Faires - even with a Pent entry. *pound, pound, pound* Sorry, gave up on it 3 weeks ago. And I also have to work that weekend. Stir in a small helping of pique at the whole business and I'm just going to sit out Kingdom A&S this year. We might go to Crown. But maybe just on Sunday. I'm too irritated to be bothered with anything else. Not even sure if I want to put the Pent entry together for next year at this point. Obviously, nobody from Kingdom cares much if they get entries from this region. And our own Region's Laurels have no interest in showing up (with the exception of Odo and Dulci, who graciously took time away from their own Baronial Championship to judge). Pentamere Regional A&S is becoming a waste of effort all around.


I mean, how much sense does it really take to have seen this coming, guys? I repeat my call to do away with the Regional Faires altogether, at least as a pre-req for Kingdom. Turn them into something else, and end the silly-ass absolute-power-corrupts-absolutely manipulation from on-high. So done with that.

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