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Without any real good reason in terms of solid job offers, John and I have been debating the various merits of Kenosha, WI vs N. VA. I'm tempted to subscribe to the E-lists for Caer Anterth Mawr and the Barony of Stierbach, just to get a feel for the lay of the SCA land.

Would this be excessively odd?
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Just a quick note to say thanks to everybody who's suggested their neck of the woods, when it comes to my relocating. ;-) It's nice to be wanted.

John and I talked it over for a while in the car today, trying to develop a short list of places to look.

So far:
Greater D.C. area (N. Va, for preference)
Northern portions of Chicago
Upstate NY
The Carolinas - preferable in from the coast/out of the usual hurricane zone if possible

Trying to avoid the Deep South, very liberal sections of the Eastern Seaboard (VT, MASS), and the West Coast in general.

Thoughts, recommendations or suggestions?

(Currently watching "Chicken Little" for the 999th time with Anneliese. There are some funny moments:

Teacher: Please turn to page 22 and translate each word into Mutton. "He."

Class: "Baaa."

T: "She."

C: "Baaaa."

T: "They."

C: "Baaa."

Well, it amused ME, anyway.
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