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"You could say this advice is priceless," she said. "Are you listneing?"

"Yes," said Tiffany.

"Good. Now... if you trust in yourself.."


"...and believe in your dreams...."


"...and follow your star..." Miss Tick went on.


"...you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy. Goodbye."

Heh. It gives me hope that someday all the blood, sweat, and tears may still pay off.

Today? Well, got part of the front room scrubbed, pulled a muscle in my back. An intercostal, I think - hurts to take a deep breath. Rori has been videotaped. Apparently this is their way of monitoring THEIR progress. In a year, they tape again, run them side by side, and pat themselves on the back about how much they've helped this kid.

Oh, and the State of Michigan, in it's idiotic typical fashion is now attempting to yank almost a third of the money from the program and ship it to Detroit. MI residents who feel like weighing in, go here:

There may not BE funding for Rori to keep receiving services. Grrrr.

Oh, and I have a batch of John Besh's recipe beignets started. We shall see. No white Belgian candi sugar in the house, so no sugar bread today.
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Rori had her evaluation by Early On today. So far, she has a distinct language delay (measuring around 10 months, when she's just turned 20 months). But, as nearly as she could tell, just a language delay.

She uses few words, and those, inconsistently. She doesn't name body parts, or seem to be particularly self aware. She does not follow simple commands, and only sometimes comes when called.

Though, to be honest, some of this, we've never tried to get her to do. It never once occurred to me to say "Go get your shoes." She doesn't say shoe, she doesn't respond and point at her shoe - I presumed she wouldn't have understood anyway.

I never imagined how hard it would be to raise a child after a special needs child. Because Anneliese was so much farther behind all these milestones.... we just never set the bar high enough with Rori. "Does she walk up stairs holding your hands or a rail?" ???? I never thought to try it.

Ah, the crashing waves of parental guilt.

(It has not been a good day. I didn't even know her evaluation was scheduled for today, because John didn't tell me. And he'd said it up for our house. Which is a train wreck - though he did clean the dining room fairly thoroughly yesterday. He tells me at 9 AM that it's something in the morning, he can't remember when. Baby is in the bathtub. He hasn't showered, I haven't showered. I was in tears. He was at least smart enough to call and reschedule to meet her at the local library. She was more engaged there, anyway)

So, now the referral goes in for the Speech Therapist. (Paperwork, paperwork. You must quality for these services, to make sure you're not scamming the state. Hell, I'd pay a speech therapist if you'd refer me to one!) Likely the nice young gal over at the Ottawa Area Center who used to be Anneliese's therapist there. John will get to take her at least once a week, 20 miles each way. Hopefully not at nap time. *sigh*

You know, Special Ed folks are sweet, and dedicated. But you really hope not to have to be in their purview repeatedly. I swear, when I think I'm sleeping, I must have another alter ego who's out killing kittens and pistol-whipping nuns. It's the only way to explain the bad karma. At least, without admitting to conscious evilness.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:52 pm
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And other similar monosyllabics. That I wish my daughter was saying.

In other words, Rori had her 18 month check up today, and it was noted that her language skills are delayed. *sigh* Which I sort of knew. She OUGHT to be using a few words. And she isn't, really. Or not that you can really make out clearly.

So, it's off to see the audiologist (not the problem), and then probably Early On.

I HOPE it's just that she lives with Anneliese, and maybe can't distinguish Boo-chatter from actual language. Not sure what I'll do if I end up with TWO PDD-NOS kids on my hands. One is hard enough.

Though it must be noted that Rori IS walking, and seems much more socially and motor-developed in general than Anneliese was at the same age.

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So, a quick surf nets the following options:

The Bargain Basement Option

The Sweet and Simple option


This'n would need a cover"

Money is no object option (And would need to hang from the pop-up or something., so not good for indoor events)


Nice and Roomy
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I outsmarted myself yet again, yesterday. I offered to take the girls out of the house so that John could clean, reasoning that since he had let the house get into that state, he could get it out.

So, I put Anneliese up front in the van with me, where she couldn't pull out Rori's pacifier, and off we went. Thus far, the plan worked well. Rori napped, Anneliese watched her DVD player, all was well. We arrived at the mall, and I unpacked all the baby gear necessary for an outing, then the baby, then Anneliese. As we walked into the mall, I thought to myself that I ought to have packed a spare outfit for Rori - the last two trips I'd taken with her in the stroller had gotten.... messy.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later a massive baby blow out necessitated a complete change. *sigh* I changed her diaper, removed her adorable little leg warmers, and rolled up the soiled portion of her romper. Then upstairs we went to Gymboree, where a clearance sale was underway (lukcy for me). $4.79 later I was changing her into a clean, cute onesie. Soiled outfit went into the shopping back for biological containment.

Then to the bookstore, where I sent an elderly clerk in search of the Liffey Rivers series of books, to no avail. I wanted to shoulder her away from the screen and do the search myself - as search results are closely related to what you put into each field. *sigh*. I found them on line when I got home, here.

Still killing time, we wandered down to the Dairy Queen. I got a cone for Anneliese (who wants the cone, but not so much the ice cream). And a Blizzard for Rori and I. I frog-marched them over to a table, set down the ice cream, and went to sit the baby upright for easier feeding. Anneliese, not knowing the meaning of the word "patience," grabbed her cone, pulled it to her, and let go again - knocking it on the floor. I sighed, and picked it up to put in the trash. Cue Anneliese sobbing, as she only knew Momma had thrown away her treat - not understanding really that I was going to go get her another. So I picked up the other cup of ice cream - which I had set down in front of Rori - and she started sobbing - also deprived of ice cream. So the Parade of Woe hiked back to the DQ for another ice cream cone amid much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Rori launched her pacifer, which was retrieved and returned, with significant trepidation, by a kind gentleman. By the time the interlude was over and everyone was again content, I had spent a slid 5 minutes - that felt like an eternity - being "that" mother with the weeping children that everyone looks askance at in silent horror and pity.

I shoulda stayed and cleaned the house!

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