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First - IS there a Known World Costume Symposium for 2010? I can't find anything about it.

Second - (not this year, but hypothetically at a future date) - Would anybody be interested in a KWCS in Chicago? Field Trip on Sunday to a Fabulous Fabric Store?
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So, since we're discussing research and publications, I'll come right out and ask.

Most of you are on the filters on which I dump the contents of my brain out onto the floor and poke at them. (Much the same technique I use to find my car keys in my purse, really). Some basic info on the Noord-Holland gowns has been published in a Kingdom A&S newsletter. But - do I have enough together to take the whole schmiel public? Photos, woodcuts, the new painting courtesy of Mona... and make the case for Regional dress in the Low Countries being far more complex than just basic Flemish peasant? As well as promoting the idea that the drop-front kirtle, high-neck back-closing chemise, and a doublet that laces across the front may be the norm for the province of Noord-Holland? After all, I've never seen any of those elements actively promoted elsewhere. I also suspect that a fair few of these ladies have a petticoat, as well - the skirts are fuller than an A-line kirtle could really account for.

Thoughts and advice?
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In searching for more images for a nice lady on the sca-garb list, I found some more goodies for ME. And after all, it IS all about me, isn't it?

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This got rather long-winded, so follow the cut if you're interested.

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