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A brief trip to the Family Farm and Home in Wayland yielded a small fruity windfall. Their bare root stuff was deeply discounted, so I can home with 2 gooseberries (Pixwell), 4 raspberries (Fall Gold), and 3 grapes )Niagra, Catawba, and Concord). At prices cheap enough that I won't be upset if half of them are dead. And if they are, I can hit the West Olive Nursery sale on Memorial weekend.

Still shopping for tall wheat seeds (Utrecht Blue, or a thatching variety), scion wood for a Balaton or Morello cherry and scion wood for a white peach (just locating - won't be grafting till next year).

More sooper seekrit projects in the works, too. ;-)
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Now that I'm done pitching my little fit...(well, pausing, anyway)

Here's a philosophical question...

Why is it more or less acceptable (at least by MK standards) to throw an early period event, and even make it annual.... but not to theme something to later periods, because "that would make it too narrow focus and people wouldn't come."

Why is it acceptable to host an event pointed at a minor culture but not anything, say, French? Never have I seen a "Germanic Symposium" or a "French Cuture Study Day." To suggest a thing gets you "the look." (Even if you don't actually suggest the "Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey" tourney.)

Has Political Correctness come to mean anything that's considered "minority?"

Or is it that unusual cultures tend to become at least temporary fads and attract attention, at least in the short term?
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Go watch "Lost in Austen." ;-) It's on the Netflix Instant Queue.


Of course, if you haven't watched the Colin Firth version of "Pride and Prejudice", go watch that first.
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India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima.
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This morning's conversation:

Me: "'Work, work, work. She'll never get her dress done!!' Where ARE those sewing mice? THe contract specifically stated 5 sewing mice from Jan 1 to Jan 8!!! And two birds!!"

John: "Yeah, about that. D'artagnan apparently can't distinguish between field mice and the cute, singing, sewing variety. The really sad part was when he horked up one of the little hats. I think the birds made it out OK, but they probably won't be back, contract or no."

So, for all of you waiting on those sewing mice... apparently my cat ate them.

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Finished hemming a new kerchief for the Dutch ensemble. - One for my A&S 50 UFO list. Number one, in fact.

Finally located Karinne Taylor, who used to have the Dutch costuming website. I'll have to see if she's amenable or even still HAS her old glossary to share. Maybe I can update/add to it and web it, if she's game.

Got a coif pattern prepped for the slate frame. It would be ON the slate frame if I could find the other bloody sidebar. Grrrrr.
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He gave a presentation last week as part of a bid to get a job that involved using Twitter for marketing. The interviewer told him to prove his concept, and gave him 3 weeks to create a buzz over one of their new books.

It's going OK, but he feels like the puzzle doesn't quite fit. His plan for acquiring creative inspiration.... stay up tonight until sleep deprivation "invites the Incan Monkey God to visit with divine inspiration."

Uh, yeah. Ok, dear. This does mean if Rori gets up tonight - you get her.

BTW - any Sci-Fi/Speculative fiction fan types who'd like to help out, let me know and I'll get you his Twitter ID.
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(Did I mention that the postal lady, after leaving several notes in our mailbox - while we were gone - regarding the need to shovel a path for her or she wouldn't deliver the mail.... left the girls' presents from John's stepdad out on the porch. They were soaked through. Luckily, they were clothes, and should be fine once they dry out.

So, here, with a nod to makethevoicesgoaway.blogspot.com, I present:

Six entirely arbitrary reasons why Blackadder III is better than Blackadder II or Blackadder Goes Forth (unless Blackadder I has enjoyed an unlikely renaissance of late, I think it's safe to leave it out of the debate, gentlemen):

1. The Scottish Play!a>

2. Antidisintibblywibblymentionism

3. ...and so wee sometimes I think the pixies brought it to me!.

4. Elections!

5.When I used to play in the gutter, I used to say to the other snipes "Hello, I'm Baldrick" and they'd say "Yes, we know, sod off Baldrick.

6. The Highwaymen!

7. I love a Royal Wedding!


Dec. 12th, 2008 09:52 pm
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I've been having blonde (or maybe "I rolled me truck and mine brains is scrambled") moments. And John has had a few as well.

Should we put one of these on our Christmas list?
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A wise man (Hi Dad!) once told me that experience was learning from your own mistakes, whilst wisdom was learning from someone else's.

I present, so that others may become wise, things I have learned by experience:

1. Never nurse an infant immediately after applying Oragel to her gums.

2. Read packaging carefully, as the pretty purple marker may be air-erasable rather than water-soluble like the blue one. And that detailed shadow embroidery piece WILL take more than the 24 hours required by the marker to disappear.

3. Always check large piles of leaves for fire hydrants before leaping into them.

4. Apparently "Do not feed the baby any cereal whatsoever" means, in manspeak "A little bit will be Oh-TAY! Several days in a row."

5. It is, in fact, possible after sewing something on backwards twice, to sew it on backwards a third time if you're too tired to be bothering with it anyway. Sleep deprivation will change your motto from "measure twice, cut once," into "measure twice, cut three times, then blame the ruler."

6. Gravity is immutable. Even on the Shaw Parking ramp at MSU.

7. Trying to make something idiot-proof interferes with the entropy of the Universe, causing it to spit out a better idiot. Please stop, as the current variety of idiot is quite enough, thank you.

8. Prairie dogs do not make good pets. And they lead to these sorts of conversations:

"I've never had to neuter a Prairie dog. What do I do?"

"Just like a rabbit, and remember to close the inguinal ring. They're precocious, and they get nasty as they get older, so neuter them before they're 4 months old."

"Does that make them less nasty?"


"Then why worry about it?"

"It'll be easier for YOU if you handle the damn thing before it's four months old. Nastiness afterwards is the owner's problem."

9. What I regard as perfectly clear apparently isn't. I've been chewed out by clients for giving their 2 year old dog a 3 year Rabies vaccine.

10. My little trucklet apparently runs in stealth mode, invisible to other motorists. Hence, the high rate of people who pull out in front of it and make me test out the stopping distance.

I'll stop there for now. I wouldn't want to make anybody's head explode.
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And now, on a lighter note....

Darling and I sort of tooled around Grand Rapids about a week ago with no particular plans. I did finally take it in to my head to help him improve his kit at least as much as I am able. So we talked a bit about what he wanted for a surcoat. The generalized conclusion was: He had no clue. Well, when one is in the dark regarding armor and trappings, the resource of choice is generally Osprey publications. For those of you who aren't familiar, Osprey publishes short books with many illustrations and well-researched texts on a narrow period of time and geography.

Wanderings into the World of Geekdom )
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And I need to finish my dress, make the shift, and finish my classnotes. Today. Eeeep. WHY have I not yet joined procrastinator's annonymous? I really should NOT have spent my downtime yesterday surfing for hand-dyed sock yarn. But I really love Scout Swag, and I'm debating if I want to wait for her to get in more fingering weight yarn to die, or take the sport weight snowbunny NOW.

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