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...and then there are THOSE days.

I'm still recovering from the GI plague that swept my house over the last 10 days. Blerg. Still feel like I've been (to quote Uncle Jake) "drug through a knot-hole, backwards."

My office is frigid, which doesn't feel so good when you still feel slightly wooky.

Teh Dumbs, they are on parade again. MY, isn't it a sight?

But, progress is being made. I'm working on teh New Bloggity. I intend to pick up some vintage goodies this weekend, if I have time. I'm not a food stylist, but I'd like to have some moderately pretty pictures. Any hints/tips for taking warm photos of food with a digital camera in a room that sort of has low light during a Michigan winter?

I've finally got the E-list set up for the Golden Seamstress team up and running, so that serious strategic planning can begin. *yay!*

I'm trying to simultaneously rebuild last Falls' RUM notes, this Spring's RUM classlist (At least 1/3 filled now, and helped fill another Dean's list, as well!), and do up garb for Val Day. I have opted to redo my DUtch gown and try to get it looking better. Finish Boo's little pink german dress. And try for the doublet/pants and schaube for John. Hat, if I get time. Maybe just one of the gold German snoods. I wonder if he'd wear that?

Of Course, I don't have anything to work on right now. Long story. I tell it! We decided for the weekend trip to see the 'rents that we'd take Ilsa (the Audi), as she's better in poor road conditions. So John cleaned out all my crafty stuff. Made the trip, John got sick there, Anneliese got sick (in the car!!) on the way home. It was a tiring trip, with one kid puking and the other screaming in the back seat for the last hour. The car has been mostly cleaned out. But I have yet to locate the bin of stuff John removed. And, since I got home at 9 PM last night, I didn't have time (or energy) to go hunt for it.

I have shoved back planning on the Costume Collegium till Spring. I need to devote energy to RUM, Golden Seamstress... and the whole Principality thing. Believe it or not, one of the big falsehoods circulating is that a Crown Principality is a permanent Principality like the Mists, while a Territorial Principality is, by definition, an incipient Kingdom. Where does this stuff come from?

Ah well, back to the salt mines...
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We are safely returned from a weekend with the folks. I'm sleepy-tired, but everybody had a good time. Both girls got sufficiently soused with grandparental affection. Fresh raspberries and peaches were consumed in quantity.

The Great Lakes Feis was today, so we dragged Anneliese - who normally enjoys this, but was so upset about being parted from Grandma that she mostly cried and whined. New reel shoes were acquired - and new poodle socks. She MIGHT like these shoes better, as they have a bit stiffer sole and more pad in the interior. We've gone from Antonio Pacelli to Rutherford, for the sole reason that they fit. ;-) I twiddled a bit about saving the old one for Rori, but I think I'll sell them in the Academy newlsetter instead, and get Rori new ones if/when she takes it up herself. I suspect she will - the exposure at this age is going to give her a taste for the glitz.

Much talk was managed again on the trip, and more will follow on that later. But I'd like to look into making John a wheel lock pistol. ;-) *helpies, plz?* Nothing functional - just a decorative one to go with his German stuff.

I also raided Mom's cookbook collection for vintage elements. Hee! I was right, she DID have the Betty Crocker Cake and Frosting Mix Cookbook - it's a companion volume to the Cookie Book that was recently reprinted. She was more than happy to let me have them. The other scores were the 1972 printing of Farm Journal's Bread baking book, and a Dutch cooking booklet she got from Mrs. Wielenga - an old family friend we used to visit when we were kids.

Yeah for Vintage, useful, and sentimental value all rolled into one happy score!

Yee ha!

Jul. 10th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Finally found the bolt of muslin that's been MIA for weeks. I located an entire storage tub of fabric and other leavin's that John had relocated during a cleaning binge. So, I do have to soak Rori's christening gown and see if I can get the stains out of it that have developed in the intervening months. But I also found some of the tidbits that Aunt Nancy sent me. She had some surplus kits and supplies for heirloom sewing that she knew she'd never get around to using. I'll have to re-assess and decide what all I want to make right now. There's also a box of small cuts of Raggedy-Ann and Andy prints, plus all the requisite fabrics and the pattern to make the dolls. I might put that on my list for fall. No idea what the girls will make of them, but it's sort of traditional.

Come to think of it, somewhere I have some Daisy Kingdom patterns and fabrics that ll go together in progressive sizes. I never got around to making them for Anneliese. Maybe Rori will get some.

Any who - that's a nice little bonus. But now I'm too tired and sweaty to do much. Tomorrow I might do a toile or two.

So - should I use the extra yellow linen I found to line John's loden and red schaube? Or get some cotton twill in a more coordinating color? It IS gonna show. Plus, the twill is heavier and might help the whole thing drape better.

I've done some scans of Fields' this week - I can't afford anything till I get paid again, but I like to keep track. However, they do this "migrating" tent sale that moves from store to store and I never seem to hit the right one. The Holland store had some brown velveteen (several shades) on their 50% off rack. But no black. Still, it was enough of a hint that I think it's worth it to check the other stores as time permits.

John is stepping up his job hunt where Milwuakee is concerned. We could still live in the Kenosha area. Easy access to Chicago, Sarafina, - and a new Kingdom to get used to.

I'm torn in terms of where I'd like to relocate TO. Not that I get a choice, really. But still. N. Virginia has the appeal of being an entirely new and different environ. Maybe it would sort of shake up life in general. On the other hand, while Wisconsin would be an equal shift in terms of having to learn a new place all over again. Yet, the Lake Michigan coast of Wisconsin amounts to, "not quitting the sphere in which I was raised," to quote Jane Austen. Still a middle sized town in the middle of the Middle West. And still that Midwest Maritime atmosphere. I have no idea what to expect from D.C.


May. 6th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Dad called tonight. Mom found the gift card in question today in the bedroom we usually sleep in. ;-)

I didn't lose it. Which is a good thing.

I feel like less of an idiot. At least about that.

We did spend some time tonight at the Tulip Festival tonight. Or at least, wandering Holland. Rori likes Elephant Ears (sort of an un-funneled funnel cake for those not in or near the MidWest), and corn dogs.

I got a shower gift for my cousin Jennifer - some darling little baby leg warms and some Sunday-go-to-meetin' burp cloths. It was all very sweet stuff from the TipToes - possibly the cutest little Boutique in Holland. And now I don't have to knit. ;-)

There is also a spice shop there that I hadn't noticed before. They have a cinnamon that has a better aroma than any of the varieties Penzeys carries, AND they carry cacao nibs. Plus I got to page through the Gingerbread cookbook I'd been considering. Me likey.

I anticipate an aggravating summer, full of too many hours of week and too many aggravations in general. But in the meantime, I get to decide what to get with my Birthday money:

1. A dress form (I want the Uniquely You, I think)
2. A milk pasteurizer - in the interest of buying a cow share at a local farm that is milking Jerseys. It do make a difference.
3. A grain mill - reallyfresh flour


May. 5th, 2010 06:03 pm
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I'm sitting between appointments, listening to YouTube clips of The Music Man. It's soothing.

Watching the updates for Joomla! and wondering at what point I should move to 1.6. On one hand, it's probably all kinds of buggy right now. On the other, it's supposed to have deeper nesting for categories. So waiting means having to rearrange all the content later. [livejournal.com profile] mmcnealy, do you have an opinion?

Crazy, busy day. Dad did leave a message that my cousin Jennifer had her baby. ;-) Amusing, given that I'm not sure he cares about infant stats, but was repeating them anyway. I wonder if this was in response to my complaining that no one told me she was pregnant until a couple weeks again? Heh.

Beyond that, after last night's mental crisis, I suspect I'll be dropping directly into bed tonight. I should snarfle another flash drive at Meijer and back up my website, since if I don't go to Joomla! 1.6, I should at least go to 1.5.17. Either could blow up my site.
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Not sure it was SUCH a good idea to put Rori and Anneliese's respective IEP/Conference meetings in the same week.

Whilst I realize the need to justify continued services to the state (especially once pointed out to me as the reason for a lot of the negativity by Anneliese's teacher), it does tend to be a serious, serious downer.

Rori will now also be receiving Occupational Therapy services for a perceived Fine Motor delay. O_o The cognitive delay I'm not sure exists. But it's all enough to really make you lose your cool.

Anneliese is Anneliese. Her conferences tend to upset me less, as I've had to readjust my expectations so many times, I don't really have any, anymore.

Which, now I think about it, is rather my take on life these days. No expectations whatever.
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Which certainly won't last.


Compost pile has been turned.

One batch has been worked into veggie bed.

New seeds acquired.

Initial planting - peas, mesclun, green onions, and carrots.

Shopped for raspberries. So the dilemna is - buy plants @ $15 ea or order bare root for 3/$13.95? Plants will surely bear this fall, bare root maybe/maybe not.

Three loads of laundry

Basic kitchen cleaning

One batch of bread

And, I figured out and found some cool brushes for GIMP! Website design procedes apace. ;-)

Dr. Who has potential this season. New companion is appropriately perky and MUCH less annoying than Donna Noble. New Doctor - I shall as yet reserve judgement. Season premiere - good plot, nearly ruined by bad CG monster. ERg. People. Go with a nice menacing shadow if you can't render something actually frightening. Heck, the chatty crack in the wall was MUCH scarier.

Anneliese was bathed before bed. (Not Rori, but her nap time got a little scrambled, and it seemed best not to push my luck).

I have apparently entertained Dad no end, and he's quite delighted that his baby is taking an interest in the subject he knows most about. He also seriously overestimates me, suggesting blithely that I just write my own compiler and be done with it. I hope he was kidding. In theory I know how it's done. But in practice?

Gotta pull the bread soon. Then off to sleep. And after the yard work - likely to wake up sore.
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...though some days I'd like to.

Time/life eater #1: Learning Joomla!, which is fun, but oi.

If you're so inclined, I've just started to port info over. I have to rework a lot of the code in the template. For now, the box on the left is there to eventually hold the Secondary nav. Next, I need to put in the code to collapse the left column on the home page and make it disappear. For whatever reason, the only link I have up isn't working. No idea what's going on there. From the menu manager, it looks fine. From the front end... not so much.

I'm also not a graphic designer, so it's a bit clunky. Hopefully, a little dinking with the CSS will help both the nav bar and the date bar will eventually go ALL the way across the screen. I also might have to shrink the banner a bit to get the search bar to stay where I want it most of the time.

Still and all, it's coming, and I'm learning. It currently lives at www.insaneaboutgarb.com/joomla. I will change the folder name before I really take it public, but for the moment, this is where I kick the tires. Usually, they fall off.

#2 - The infamous trip to Chicago. Not bad, but could have gone better. I'd avoid the Ambassador East again - clean enough, but very worn. And the staff wasn't really on the ball until day 2. There was a bit of frustration involved in that whole business. You couldn't have let us know that the revolving door FOLDS the first 3 times we struggled in with it folded through the side door? Grrrr.

Anneliese had two rather major metldowns. The first - she sobbed through the Sesame Street starshow that she loved so much last time. No idea what that was about. The second - while we waited in the lobby of the Ambassador 30 minutes while our room was being cleaned. *eye roll*

BUT - both girls seemed to like the aquarium, and we had pizza at Gino's East. Plus a stop at the American Girl store and a dolly for Anneliese.

Given the hair-trigger state of my eldest, however, we opted NOT to go up to Kenosha or even attempt to get to Northshield's Coronation. Instead, we did a bit more of the Magnificent Mile, then wandered up to Schaumburg and had lunch at the Rain Forest cafe. Which Anneliese loved and Rori hated - apparently, gorillas a extremely frightening.

And, of course, a visit to the Disney Vacation Club outlet. ;-) Here, the hope lays like a deep snow. Someday.....

As usual, by the time we got there, everybody was crabby and we'd used up most of our vacation budget - so I once again missed out on browsing through Janie and Jack or Hannah Anderson. *sigh*

Whilst downtown, we did get to visit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Whole Foods was OK. Sort of a Fresh Market with less selection and three aisles of supplements and bath salts in the middle. Trader Joes - what is the appeal, here? It was like an organic Sav-a-Lot. Blech.

At least Rori seems to be making sounds that her speech therapist is happy about, if not actual words. *sigh* What did I do for my children to deserve this? (Don't answer that).

Off to pound my head on the website some more....
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"You could say this advice is priceless," she said. "Are you listneing?"

"Yes," said Tiffany.

"Good. Now... if you trust in yourself.."


"...and believe in your dreams...."


"...and follow your star..." Miss Tick went on.


"...you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy. Goodbye."

Heh. It gives me hope that someday all the blood, sweat, and tears may still pay off.

Today? Well, got part of the front room scrubbed, pulled a muscle in my back. An intercostal, I think - hurts to take a deep breath. Rori has been videotaped. Apparently this is their way of monitoring THEIR progress. In a year, they tape again, run them side by side, and pat themselves on the back about how much they've helped this kid.

Oh, and the State of Michigan, in it's idiotic typical fashion is now attempting to yank almost a third of the money from the program and ship it to Detroit. MI residents who feel like weighing in, go here:

There may not BE funding for Rori to keep receiving services. Grrrr.

Oh, and I have a batch of John Besh's recipe beignets started. We shall see. No white Belgian candi sugar in the house, so no sugar bread today.
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Most of the resounding horrors of the past week seem to be now winding down. Which is a good thing. Eli is apparently starting to recover, though still faces more surgery on the leg and hopefully won't lose any more of it.

Rori has been a little up and down in terms of her sleep habits. Up this AM at 5, but back down at 7 - which is a good thing, since she has her infant program today. She did sign for "more" this morning, and said "mama" - though both were relatively indiscriminate rather than with distinct intent. *sigh*

I picked up the new issue of Inspirations with my JoAnn's coupon - some cute stumpwork patterns and an adorable rag dolly. Wonder if the girls would like one.

The website is turning out to be an awfully steep learning curve, but progress is being made. I've got a base template, just can't figure out how to get my graphics to display, which is irritating. *sigh* But once learned, it will be a good thing. Joomla! is a definite upswing for managing the site. I'm just being fussy and wanting it to look like MY site and not a free template.
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OK, it was, but with the usual degree of not-restfulness. ;-)

We tooled about town and visited a couple of antique shops, inquiring about selling our Victorian East Lake Parlor set. John inherited it from his mother, and it's been mostly taking up space and acquiring cat hair ever since. We're not the type of people who are likely to ever own the sort of Painted Lady that it would look good in. And we really are working at down-stuffing, if you will. Whether we move or not, there are things that can be gotten rid of.

Then John decided HE needed a nap, so I left he and Rori at the house to do so while I went and ran a few errands. I painted some test swatches on the walls and still can't quite commit. Got the oil changed on the Audi.

Oh, and the bad new there - the clearcoat is now failing on the hood. So Ilsa will likely have to just be repainted. *sigh* Though I might go with a nice, sedate Navy in the hopes that I'll draw less attention from Law Enforcement.

I've decided to do Strawberries and Raspberries, maybe the Nanking cherries and crrants/gooseberries. I want specific varieties, but I'd like to put in a single order. Which is frustrating. Wish I'd thought of this before Mom had put her orders in. *sigh* So, Caroline raspberries, a day-neutral strawberry (probably tristar or tribute - whatever isn't sold out). A red currant, a white or pink, a green gooseberry, a red gooseberry, a red Nanking cherry, and a white. Or something like that.

And I did get the basement bathroom scrubbed down. Scrubbing being the operative word. Had to take a brush and oxyclean to the grout, and it could still be cleaner. But, another room off the Spring Cleaning list. Now if only I can get John to improve his maintenance cleaning program.

Just put Rori's hair up, and now it's probably too late in the AM for a shower, so, off to get dressed and put in my lenses and head to work.
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Time goes by so quickly these days. And John seems to move so slooowwwwly. I must resist the urge to get out and push, as it were. Hopefully he's spending more time doing the online job hunt in Chicago/D.C. than I am currently aware of.

In the meantime, plans continue for the Extended SCA/Relocation/Spring Break Road Trip. I sort of suggested that a reciprocal D.C. Road trip would logically be in order, but got shot down by Mr. I-Don't-Want-To-Spend-10-Hours-In-The-Car-With-The-Kids. Each way.

Just peeked at my website and it really needs updating. My Joomla! book should be here tomorrow. And more research needs to be done on how big an external drive I need to create my "portable desktop." Hopefully 8G will do it. Hrrrmmmm. Especially if I upload then transfer files to another drive and remove them from the main Flash.

The Novartis rep, meanwhile, has learned that I can be influenced if you give me practical ways to apply things. So, I've made his A-list, and snagged an invite to an overnight roundtable with Spa privileges. Yea, me!
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Sometimes it's bad, sometimes good.

Bad: I pulled out of the parking lot at work, got about 1 1/2 miles down the road, looked up: State Trooper. Looked down: 65 mph. @@(%^$(&#. Sure enough, she turned around and came after me. I handed over my license, reg, and insurance. She told me what she'd clocked me at, then asked "Was there a reason for the speed?"

Me: "Nope. Not a good one. I was not paying attention and was going too fast."

Blink, blink, blink......"Well, thank you for your honesty. Slow down, and drive safe home."

*lol* Apparently honesty is a novelty. Srsly? Like there's a point to lying to a State Trooper? They've heard it all.

Good: Seeing my name in print. In the back of Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day. I only test-baked a few recipes, as my e-mail and his didn't play well and I felt bad bugging him about it constantly. But, wow, what a cool book. I MUST go get a copy. ;-) I should have an Amazon certificate or two coming for doing professional surveys.

Elsewise, not much new in my world. I did go get some barley flour, dried peas, and whole wheat berries to do some baking experiments. And John and I bandied about a variety of theories about yeast.
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The day began badly, with me nearly bludgeoning my husband with a kitchen towel. The reasons really are unimportant - excessive build-up of frustration. On the upside, it had a motivating effect on him. He now has recommendation letters from former superiors of high rank to submit along with his application. That can only be a good thing. (He's feeling silly enough now to refer to D'artagnan as "Perry the Catapus."

I DID manage to finish a birthday cake for my boss. The frosting slid on one side, but likely was my own fault, for not sticking it in the fridge before frosting. It's the Sweet and Salty Cake from "Baked". A three layer chocolate cake with caramel filling and chocolate-caramel ganache. What it lacks in looks, it should make up for in taste. ;-)

I also got in a good (long!) talk with Odrianna ([livejournal.com profile] fiannaharper) regarding this and that. Apparently, it's not just that I'm crazy. Things around me are also crazy. So there. Pttthhhbbttttt! Looking forward to an in-person natter at RUM. Maybe Sarafina can join us. Ideas on rebuilding and maintaining quality for Kingdom-level Academy/University programs can be bounced back and forth!

Master Henry has had to cancel his class on Advanced Tailoring. *Sad face* But, I have another class already lined up, a few more to firm up, and I suppose I can teach myself, if need be. I should add up what I've got, and try to see what would balance things out best. I have my notes on the Dutch gowns, of course. I also have plenty of time to make a variety of breads - desem, ale-barm leavened, pan forte. Sort of the right time of year for the precursor to Hot Cross Buns, wot? I may not quite have time enough to get notes and samples together for an overview of spice cookies in continental Europe. I probably could manage something on whitework or Klosterstitch. Sarafina, I will forward you an update very soon!

Hopefully the shoulder muscle cram that started yesterday has been beaten and heated into submission. And hopefully I won't have TOO much surgery tomorrow, especially as I'm working Friday.

Oh, and I got actual kisses from Rori today. ;-) She blew a couple, then just planted a couple. Baby kisses are good.
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We are back, safe and sound, from FLA.

A good time was had, pink princess ears of various types purchased for the girls, parameters for overstimulation were determined, and generally many things learned.

More to follow as I have the time and inclination.

At the moment, there is a brief panic over not having started my Christmas shopping.

And frustration at not being able to find ammonium carbonate for my gingerbread house.


This is enough of a Dutch area, I'd think something so inherently necessary for Northern European baked goods would be available at least at specialty stores. So far, no dice.

*grumble, grumble*

Must stop off tonight to get the rest of my White Elephant gift for the work party tomorrow.
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Well, John had a near-death experience last weekend. He went to Lake City to get our meat - we split a side of beef with my parents. On the way home, he came around a curse to find, not the straight-away he expected, but rather a 90 degree turn. With no warning. (Must be somebody else hit the sign ;-) He immediately panicked, thinking about missing Anneliese's wedding, and Rori's graduation, while the Garmin (and it's weighted stand) flew across and smacked into the passenger side window. He was, however, driving the Audi. Ilsa dug her claws into the pavement and swung around the turn with the attitude of "What? I'm only doing 60 and it's a 90 degree turn?" Heh. Love that suspension. All is well.

Mistress Sarafina gave me an extra track for RUM, and I think I STILL may have managed to overbook. Eh, I can't count. Or rather, I forgot Duke Eliahu wanted 1 1/2 hours per class. There still may be things that don't come through. And it's a better problem to have than the reverse. In addition, I might just bring some notes myself and ask a few of the latecomers to bring THEIR notes. So that, should a teacher or two no-show, I can fill in the gaps.

The girls are doing well. Anneliese is getting better and better about following along at Dance Class. Still not QUITE sure what we'll do for the month of January. Linsey won't be able to be there, as she's being forced to pick up a 101 course in order to graduate. (Been there.) So I'll ask her in a week or two if she thinks Anneliese can go by herself, or if one of her classmates might be able to fill in.

In addition, the Grand Rapids Ballet Company has put Anneliese on the waiting list for their Pre-ballet class. I think we'll let her try that alone, unless Linsey really feels otherwise and is available THAT day, too. But they do have some experience with Autism and are willing to try it. Now I'm debating about taking her to see the Nutcracker, to gauge her interest level.

I bought some steel bones for the lacing strips on the bodice of my dutch gown. And some buckrum strips for the waistband, as well as some wool for the hem. Hopefully I can play around with that some, soon. And hopefully I'll be feeling a little more up to it.

Cut for female details - enter at your own risk )

All-in-all, hoping for a better weekend to come, as we're visiting the folks. We can't go home for Thanksgiving, as I have to work. Which was OK with Mom and Dad, as I think they're planning to go up north and visit my Grandmother anyway.

And, it should be noted, a mere 3 weeks until vacation!!! I nudged my travel agent today, and she's mailing out the paperwork/itinerary/tickets tomorrow. Yeah!!! Orlando, here we come! All that's left to do is finish gathering all the stuff we need to pack, set up the stroller rental, set up the in-room sitter, and but the Photopass CD. Keen.
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Somewhat to my surprise (and thanks to a couple of no-shows) today was not too onerous at work. I even had time to snuggle the most mellow orange kitty cat ever. I was thinking maybe he was sick. Now I'm pretty sure he's just a total moosh. Especially for 8 wks old. Anybody need a new baby? He lays on his back, purrs, and licks noses.

Due to being sick yesterday, working today, and the fact that Pammy, Kaleigh, Lisa, Paul, Ingrid, and Rocky were all not going - we skipped Havoc. Instead, we went fruit-picking. 14# of peaches, 3 # of green gage plums, and some heritage apples. Specifically, Duchess of Oldeburg and St. Edmund's Pippin. I restrained myself or I'd have gotten some Damsons and sugar pears, too. Tommorow - canning!! Gotta love Treemendus Fruit orchards. Good stuff. Annoying crowd. Every nationality running around, taking pictures, and generally getting in the way. In addition to not knowing how to pick fruit. (P.S. Fruit that does not come off easily is not ripe. Do not pull so hard that the rest of the rip fruit on that tree fall off - striking other pickers.) They did have cider, and heritage apple cider but it was a little pricey ($7 and $9 a gallon respectively). Maybe another trip. They had Gravensteins, Wolf Rivers, and the ubiquitous, over-sweet, why-do-people-like-these Honey Crisps.

Still trying to scratch my skin off. And wondering what in the bloody blue blazes I could be so allergic to. It must be an ongoing thing to keep up at this level. *help*


Sep. 5th, 2009 07:13 am
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I'm not 100%, but definitely recovering from the evil Virus. It ran through everybody in the house last week. After 6 days, I thought I was safe. Nope. I had to cancel all my appointments yesterday - which means today will be rough. And I look like white trash, since I was vomiting hard enough to end up with a black eye.

Had lots of time to think things over though. Maybe instead of replacing that brocade undergown with plain linen, I'll do a quilted silk petticoat in coral? Whaddaya think?

I also want a copy of "Baked" by Matt Lewis. I DID find the Red Hot Velvet Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream recipe online, which I may make this weekend for Dale's Birthday. But I want a lot of the recipes in that book!

Also got our dining reservations made for Disney. I'm still going to check a few here and there to try to move them around. BUT we got Cinderella's Royal Table for dinner. ;-) Good fun.

I also concede that I need to learn to listend to [livejournal.com profile] ablackram 40 mg of pred = not enough. 50 mg = not enough. You were right, I should have started at 60 and been done with it by now. I are a chicken. And it gives me hot flashes.

Working tomorrow. Maybe I'll try to go raspberry picking on Monday. Next weekend - up to CHarlevoix to hang with the folks. SO lazy. No ambition.

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