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So, I've got everything more or less back up and running. I have to update one of the articles that I only had an older copy of. And there's work to do on the back end. I pruned out some stuff I didn't want to continue with, and haven't reloaded the alms pouch article as yet. Not sure if I will.

Once I get Lisa up and running on her side, I'll work on a bit more content, and maybe more pictures for what's currently up there.

For now - off to bed.
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Sometimes talking with somebody else helps me achieve it. ;-)

Next web site additions, with luck, will be:

Basic smocking
Smocking in Germanic costume
German Smocked shirt tutorial
Honeycomb smocking - maybe a ladies' chemise

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For whatever reason, I had a mental image of Joomla! as sort of a high-powered, multifeatured HTML editor. Now - Now I feel like I need to go turn my brain inside out again. Apparently, you unzip Joomla! into the directory for your website ON your server. O_o So I'm guessing I wouldn't actually need Portable Apps and a Flash drive to carry it around. But I'm trying to figure out how to attempt such a thing without killing the files I already have out there. In other words - how do I attempt a redesign and check it before I push it out onto the server? Blargh!

Furthermore, a lot of what continues to bug me about my current site is its layout. I don't really want to use a standard template with ribbons or bows or whatever. But I have had trouble grokking Gimp, and I'm much too poor to own Photoshop or Illustrator - since I have no professional need for it. Short answer - either I have no Graphic Design ability at all, or at least I lack the time to spend on the learning curve with Gimp to find out. Which frustrates me, as I'd like the site to look spiffy as well as contain spiffy info. Heck, I'd be more motor-vated to keep it up, I suspect.

Back to gnawing on the leather straps...

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