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2011, your performance review was bad after the first quarter and it only gets worse! You are fired, FIRED!! On to 2012!!


$650 into the van for brakes and a new water pump this week. Which is just painful coming, as it did, on top of the Great Dental Debacle, that hasn't begun to be dealt with.

We'd pretty much scrapped travel plans, intending to make this a bit of a "bummer summer" as it were. But it still really ticked me off today that my erstwhile, PITA co-worker marked herself off the weekend of the 24th, after having originally agreed to work it. So now I get to work 3 weekends running!

The girls are done with school as of today. Rori is going to be a bit of a problem child for John, I think, as she doesn't tolerated the heat very well.

So - here I sit with no $, no fun plans to look forward to, no time off to get anything done (I have a PILE of painting - chicken coop, bookcases, house, etc., etc.)


I want these:


all three sets, really. And any others she has that aren't up there. I'd lurve to make the girls some quilts. In all my spare time.

*head desk*

Ah, well. Such is life. At least, my life. I at least do have a cunning plan to make a new shield for John. Not that it will do him a LOT of good until we have insurance and he can get his knee repaired. But sometimes I just have to work on the problem I can reach

I also find I suffer fools even less gladly than usual. So I will regale you all later with tales of Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel and he Hound Dawg, among other "moments" when I'm more in the mood to make with the funnies.

Also more updates on the principality thing later.

Back to the salt mines....
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now I'm trying to wrap my head around lunarpages' addon domain concept.

Lisa, I think this might be a notion. If I register an add-on domain, I THINK we can get two copies of Joomla up and running. All it will cost me is the domain registration. We get however many addons we want with the account you chose. Which means they'd be easier to maintain. I'll have to drop by at some point and show you Joomla from the back end. Then maybe parse out a template for you. Something in purple, maybe? ;-)

May is supposed to be a good month for me. Birthday, Mother's day, Anniversary, Rori's Birthday.

So far, it's kind of sucking. *grumble*

Way too tired, my eyes keep crossing.
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I'm havin' a can't-win sort of day. Week. Month. Blerg.

I shall not again rehash the fun of having all my childrens' flaws pointed out. Or having them compared to other children. Sooooooooo tired of that, I can't even see straight. Though at least the tide in the Autism spectrum scene is changing... apparently at a major conference one of the speakers demanded to know why anybody would encourage parents to use a gluten-free, dairy-free diet with kids who are already so picky about eating that any sort of adequate nutrition is difficult - why restrict them further? At least I feel vindicated in that regard. And in that Jenny McCarthy is a freakin' twit.

I got bread made, the rosemary planted, and that was about it. Too drained to do more.

Apparently, I'm of so little importance, nobody bothers to take my feelings into account for anything. John insists that this is because I internalize too much. To wit: I do not scream, swear, and throw trash cans. Of course, John tends to do it to me, too, so I'm not sure what his opinion is worth, here.

In short: Nobody cares whether I have plans or not before I get stuck with weekends. Nobody cares what my emotional baggage may be when they choose the topic of conversation. Hell, nobody cares if I'm watching TV before they change the channel.

Maybe I just have a personal stealth field. :-/

I am deciding it is best to go through life with no expectations whatever. *grumble* Thereby, there is less chance for disappointment.

So, those are the plants shoved under my fingernails. The teeny tiny sliver next to them is that I can't get the right module in my web template to display aligned with the content bar. It's underneath. The HTML looks correct, all the divs in the right spot. But nothing I do with the CSS fixes the problem. And the left one displays fine. Grrrrrr.

Upside - I made another batch of lieges sugar waffles. This time, with REAL Belgian Candi sugar... much better. Rori took hers, then snatched Anneliese's, too. I should have foreseen that, and brought two for Rori and let her go double-fisted to start.

To bed, soon.

*grump, grump*
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Time to give up a few things? Not for religious reasons, but for practical ones.

First, the whole resin sensitivity issue is definitely problematic. The Queen of my allergies has always been Eucalyptus. Varnish has been difficult for the past few years. Now, acacia gum. Which is also Gum Arabic. Meaning... probably time to give up the Scribal Arts for the most part. I really, really, don't need another full bore reaction. So I'll finish Master Mordak's Laurel scroll and Alaina's CB - then probably limit myself to the occasional personal A&S project. Not sure there's any way around it, really. ALL of my gouache has Gum Arabic in it. I could make paints with glair, but doing that ALL THE TIME for court scrolls would get to be a serious pain. Other types of paint may well contain other binders that cause me equal issues. I just don't really wanna find out. So, I'll keep my stuff around for my own purposes and special Occasions, if you will. But that's going to have to be it.

Next on the list - *@#^%^#@$*^@$ "green" cleaners. Grrrr. They're useless. Give me some Pine-Sol, Spic-n-Span, maybe some lye and chlorine bleach. At least my house will be clean.

Some of my expectations. Not dreams, mind you. I still have things I want. But, time for the annual Reality Check (IEP) for Anneliese. And it's probably worth asking her teacher if it's worth doing another year of dance class (repeating the beginner year, obviously) or not. John is neither Hannah Homemaker, Handy Manny, nor Mary Quite Contrary. Therefore, what gets done will likely get done by me - and time constraints dictate a certain lowering of the bar there, as well.

On the upside, the new Martha Stewart magazine has a recipe for mini Strawberry eclairs. Maybe I'll try some of those when the good strawberries start ripening.
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The new vet we hired to help on Saturdays has been rescheduled at her other job, and is now only available 1 Saturday in January.

12th Night is likely a wash, though we'll see.

I really wish that MY feelings, wants, and desires meant something to somebody around me. But clearly not.

So go ahead, say whatever you like to me, stick me with a few more hours at work, drop major problems in my lap and go blithely on your way. Everybody else does.

*grumble, trudge, grumble, trudge*

D.C. and a major relocation is looking good, in comparison.


I have a headache. Where did John put that bottle of oak-aged hard cider he bought me.

*mumble, whine*


Dec. 22nd, 2009 04:52 pm
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And other similar monosyllabics. That I wish my daughter was saying.

In other words, Rori had her 18 month check up today, and it was noted that her language skills are delayed. *sigh* Which I sort of knew. She OUGHT to be using a few words. And she isn't, really. Or not that you can really make out clearly.

So, it's off to see the audiologist (not the problem), and then probably Early On.

I HOPE it's just that she lives with Anneliese, and maybe can't distinguish Boo-chatter from actual language. Not sure what I'll do if I end up with TWO PDD-NOS kids on my hands. One is hard enough.

Though it must be noted that Rori IS walking, and seems much more socially and motor-developed in general than Anneliese was at the same age.

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And now I get to stay after my appointments and do a foreign body surgery. *sigh* With luck, I'll be done by 8:30 or 9pm.

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So you had some bad luck, life sucks
Can’t do nothin’ right
You took some wrong turns,
Got burned way too many times
And so you fall back with all that
hurt that just don’t wanna heal

So then you do the why me,
This can’t be happenin’ again
Hey what’s the deal man
I can’t take much more of this
You put your time in
Payed your dues
Believe me I know how you feel

I guess you gotta make a choice
When it hits the fan
You can get a little down or get a little mad
When there’s stones in the road only one thing to do
You gotta learn to walk with rocks in your shoes
Come on!

I heard some good lies from bad guys
Makin’ me their mark
They did a drive by bang, bang
Big hole in my heart
Needed a crash cart, CPR
Sister I was fadin’ fast

I had a poor me trophy
Kept it on a shelf
Did the too proud,
Too cool to ask for any help
But when I gave in prayin’
I only got *one answer* back

And he said,
I guess you gotta make a choice
When it hits the fan
You can get a little down or get a little mad
When there’s stones in the road only one thing to do
You gotta learn to walk with rocks in your shoes
Come on!
Bitter’s like a weed
If you let it grow
It’s gonna trip you up, yeah
Somewhere down the road
To get where you’re going
There’s only one thing to do
You gotta learn to walk with rocks in your shoes
You better learn to walk with rocks in your shoes
Come on

Keep on walkin’ with rocks in your shoes

Idle hands

Jul. 28th, 2009 02:13 pm
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ANd now here I sit, with no wheels, empty hands, a little time.... and not enough stuff to really start or work on a project. I have fabric, but didn't bring POF4 to tear a new shirt for the Hubs. I don't have a sheet of vellum and my reticella book to start a whitework coif. I don't have anything of Rori or Anneliese's to approximate size for a shift or kirtle. I don't have any yarn. Or needles.

I hate to sit still.

Please shoot me now.
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So.... it will cost us around $1100 to get the trucklet up and running. On three cylinders. Probably not worth it.

I wish I knew what life was going to hold in the next 6-12 months, so I knew if we should get a cheap little rice burner for my commute or a second family car. The problem I have with my life decisions is that I always make the wrong one. Not because I'm refusing to acknowledge what would be "right" but because I lack the data to foresee what decisions will be most advantageous even in a couple of months. I can't make the right decision for nuthin'.

And I have a feeling that if I ask for a sign from above, I will get this:

I can't decide whether it's more comforting to believe things happen for a reason, or that the universe is completely random.
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Seriously thinking about not going to Border War. It's wet. It's sticky. It's hard to find a place to pitch the sunshade where we won't block someone else's view - A popup would be OK. Our more "period" looking sunshade has a solid back wall. Not sure I'm up to it with the girls. I don't have any summer garb that isn't falling apart. Anneliese needs a summer chemise. Rori's got nothin'. I've been a lazy seamstress.

And I've sort of hit a wall. Living day-to-day with a special needs child is a little like keeping your ear to the ground, your shoulder to the wheel, and your nose to the grindstone - sometimes it feels like all you have to show for it is a dirty ear, a round shoulder, and a sharp nose. Anneliese gets a little more difficult at events as time goes on, rather than less. She gets bored. And with Rori along, I have even a little less attention for her. Just. Not. Feelin'. It. I don't think anybody who doesn't live this life really gets what it's like. Even Mom and Dad, while they have an inkling, can't quite wrap themselves around the whole idea. Which is why I feel like I really can't leave the girls with anybody for any length of time.

Perhaps this is time for John to got by himself, and maybe even stay for the Hafla. I like the event, I would like to see my peeps. But. It's a tough site - large to drag small ones around, and no where to rest in the shade if you're not camping. And my pals all have other things to be doing - fencing, watching fencing, general Big People stuff.

So maybe I'll shoot for Havoc instead, with everybody fully clothed. Easier to pitch a sunshade, or hang out with somebody camping (Pammy?) And access to water for the little bitty wading pool. Which will keep both girls happy.

What I really need is a garb workday once a week or every other. Not at my house. That fits in my schedule. Where I could go and get stuff done. Wow, that's not needy and demanding or anything, is it? *sigh*

On the upside, I got more mulch laid, so 1/2 the front bed is done. Grass got trimmed, garden got weeded. And I find that constant rotation of chores and tools means that instead of callouses what I have is a rotating set of blisters.

...... *continued wallowing in self pity*
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The "you will eat one bite" battle over a 1/4" cube of chicken nugget lasted 1 hr. and 6 minutes. Filled with tears, shrieks, sobs, begging, writhing and carrying on. (Begging was particularly difficult - she asked for "downtairs", "bed" and "Elmo" in sequence. And ended with "up?"). I DID let her into my lap. And finally, with a tiny sprinkle of salt (which she likes. A lot), did she eat a tiny fragment of nugget, very reluctantly.

So I'm done in. No sewing tonight. And tomorrow's battle should last.... 50 minutes? I do remember the battle over sleeping IN the bed when she was 2.
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and he's heavily dosed with speed, likely to run until his little heart bursts.

Why, you ask? )
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My goodness, the weather is depressing. Which seems rather fitting for the day. Darling won't even turn on the morning news, because we know what the day's programming will be like.

The day has an entirely different set of triggers built in to it for me. Because on 9-11-01 I was at work (with the tv on in X-ray, since clearly Something was going on) when my hands started to swell. I dropped by my OB's office, only to be put on bed rest. And, from my perspective, the whole world went to hell in a hand basket from there. I really, really don't feel like reliving the experience, thankyouverymuch.

That aside, I'm also sulking about my utter inability to get anything tangible done. Especially sewing. I ought to be somewhat more efficient than this. However, when I get home at night, I play with my little daughter, feed her, let her splash around in the tub, and after I put her to bed.... I usually crash out myself. *sigh* I COULD get something done if I tried. I just never feel like it. So I've been taking my sewing machine to work, which helps a little. Not so much THIS week, as it's been pretty busy. But I did get a new toile for Darling (Which STILL didn't fit... Grrrrrr) sewn together, and cut out his pants. I don't know that I have enough velveteen for the coat, but I'm not too worried. I'm pretty sure I can get more. And I can always make him go coat-less if need be. I also got some new JoAnns coupons in my E-mail, so maybe I can get some linen soon for my kirtle. But really, I should be further along by now. It makes me feel like quite the inferior costumer. What good, after all, is the pile of research if I can't get anything put together to put theory into practice?

Off to work. With the hopes (however dim) that the Stupid People quotient will be lower than usual today

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