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I will come back as a worm. Maybe a weevil.... Dung beetle?

I cannot entirely control the knee-jerk evil reflex.

I am, for example, shamefully delighted by a recent development. I seriously dislike the person now in charge of doing something I didn't really want to do anyway and felt to guilty to say "no" to. Now...bye-bye guilt!! Which doesn't really say good things about me, and I should be contemplating the end result and recipients thereof... Yeah. Not so much.

And I have also discovered that one of me least-favorite clients is more tolerable since I've figured out how to needle her. She wanted a fashion accessory, rather than a dog. But is also cheap. So she went a bought a little mutt and now is all bent because it doesn't look like a yorkie. Dude. Then ya shoulda bought a Yorkie. The breeder assured her that it wouldn't get over 6 pounds. So I weigh her every time she comes in. Today: 7#, 5oz. >:-) And she wouldn't listen to me when the dog was a pup and I told her the bite was bad. Now? Train wreck. One of the canine teeth points almost straight forward and sticks out of her mouth. She wanted me to file it down. Um. NO. Pull it? Again, NO. I referred her to a veterinary dentist. She doesn't want to go "that far." (about an hour drive). Well, have fun with Snagglepuss, there, lady. Tee!

Come to the Dark Side.... its more fun.
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The new vet we hired to help on Saturdays has been rescheduled at her other job, and is now only available 1 Saturday in January.

12th Night is likely a wash, though we'll see.

I really wish that MY feelings, wants, and desires meant something to somebody around me. But clearly not.

So go ahead, say whatever you like to me, stick me with a few more hours at work, drop major problems in my lap and go blithely on your way. Everybody else does.

*grumble, trudge, grumble, trudge*

D.C. and a major relocation is looking good, in comparison.


I have a headache. Where did John put that bottle of oak-aged hard cider he bought me.

*mumble, whine*
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just dreary and drizzly. And things are conspiring against me all the way around.

I learned this weekend that hydroxyzine can kick my ass and take names. I took one capsule in the evening, and it didn't seem to do anything. So I took the second. Um, yeah. I was a zombie until 5 PM on Sunday. Went back to bed for 2 naps. Pretty much whenever Rori slept, I did. Oi.

I took Tuesday afternoon off, and took Anneliese to dance class. Mistake. Between being tired, the break in rutine (Momma instead of Daddy), and the instructor's boys watching a video in the entryway... she wasn't really at her best. In fact, sobbed the first half hour. After the mid-class break she did get with the program a little more and try to keep up with the class. And at least I've seen enough of their steps to try ot work with her a little this weekend.

Leslie went a few rounds with the dingle-berry that runs one of the local rescues. Who informed us that we should give HER a discount, as we'll get a client out of it. Sorry, dipweed. They're already my clients. She also huffed and puffed and informed Leslie that SHE is in it for the animals, while we're in it for profit. I'd have let her have it with both barrels. Fine, lady. YOU go scrape up 80K and spend 4 years getting the degree. Then you can spay and neuter all the critters you want. Grrrrrrr.

I'm filling up my class lists for RUM. ;-) Little by little and bit by bit!

*yawn* Want NAP.
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Well, for anyone keeping score, the Red Hot Velvet Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream recipe from Baked is definitely a keeper. It's available online here for anyone feeling indulgent. Definitely worthwhile to make and a bit unusual.

There has been a parade of dumb/demanding people in the office today. One called this AM for an appt because her dog was vomiting. Leslie double-booked her at 3:50. She calls at 3:45, still 20 miles away. And still insists that she must be seen tonight. *eye roll* Lady, this is not an emergency clinic. I'm not obligated to let you wander in the door whenever you damned well feel like it. She's here now. I'm not doing anything, but I'm going to wait for my 4:40 and make her cool her heels for a while. Just so we don't set the precedent that she can come in whenever she wants. Grrrr. And that has been a repeating pattern today. Topped only by the guy that showed up this AM with his dog for me to look at a cyst. He has no money, so he had somehow made a deal with the local humane society, that they would pay 1/3 of the cost, up to $150. In his head, this translated into him not needing to actually pay anything today. I turfed him. IT's not an emergency, and you are trying to pull a fast one.

In other news, there are at least 6 Irish Dance schools in the Greater D.C. area, including 2 in Manassas. Part of me wonders if it's too early to at least ask them how they feel about an Autistic student.

And, for whatever odd reason, Trone research sent me TWO Amazon reward certificates. And Amazon accepted both. So I get to do some Shoppin'!!

Actually, I have a bit of shoppin' to do. I still know what on Earth to get Anneliese for her B-day. Apparently Toys-R-Us has some mega sales on. I should go wander. In all my free time. But I hate to just get her something to get her something. I'd like to try to find something that will actually hold her interest for more than 2 weeks. *ponder*
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Once again, my "peer" is being a PITA. She's gone and marked off time again for whatever she does. Much to my annoyance.

So, for those who keep track, and for girls' weekend planning purposes:

I am working Oct 3 and 10 - off the other 3 weekends. Obviously I'll be taking the girls out Trick-or-Treating on Oct 31. Time to compare calendars with [livejournal.com profile] ablackram, [livejournal.com profile] mistressarafina, and [livejournal.com profile] pjcull.
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Ollie the lab ate....

A rock. A big rock. It bruised enough intestine that I had to take out about 12" of it and stick the ends back together.

Labradors is Stupid.

Off to work out.
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Good news - I got the little Book done for Anneliese. She should enjoy it. :-) And I even remembered to save it for later in case the current copy gets ruined. Plus, lots more good research information to troll through. When I get time.

Bad news - it won't be tonight. Stupid lady finally showed up with the Black lab she wouldn't let me X-ray yesterday because she didn't want to spend the money. Sooooo..... I get to do my late-night trademark foreign body surgery. As Cheryl won't do it tomorrow anyway. Quick poll - will it be a piece of the ham bone they fed him or a rock from the campground?
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I got a call just as I was leaving home this AM from my receptions. My one surgery canceled, and I have no appts till 3 PM. So I've got a morning off. ;-) I'll try to slide in around 1:30 just in case more stuff piles up this afternoon to do, though.

In the meantime, John and I can work on the chicken coop. And I can start prepping Boo's room for painting. Kewl.
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I've been spending my driving time lately contemplating the tourist industry. The catch-22 of this area is that it lives off tourists. And we hate them. A small sampling of nick-names:

Cone Suckers
Campfire Dips

I could go on. However, I must admit that THEY at least expect to pay money to be seen on an emergency basis. Aggravating and demanding though they may be when the DO come in.

Other pests I could do without are people who live in the area but use other vets that DON'T provide emergency service. So they call down the phonebook until someone answers. Now, if you call me at 11:45 PM and drag me out of bed because your dog has a hot spot that you've been ignoring to work on your waterskiing form... do NOT give me attitude about it. No, I'm not going to see it. Bite me.

And while I won't go all trite and insist that such moments "make it all worthwhile" (cause they don't), at least this week has had its comforts:

In point of fact, struggling through a C-section for 12 St. Bernard puppies whilst wearing a moisture-barrier surgical gown and dripping with sweat even with the AC at 69 degrees, there had BETTER be a reward at the end.

And then there is The Marmalade Brigade:

Some yutz dumped them off in a box on a Friday night. Sheer stupid luck that one of my technicians stopped by to check that she'd turned off the autoclave and found them. Anybody want a kitty? Actually, 2 have homes. And they're cute enough I'm not worried about the rest. Though I do currently enjoy shutting my office door and letting them run pell-mell. Not many things in life more entertaining than kittens romping. And there are no more dust bunnies in my office - they have been hunted to extinction.

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