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This is why I have been utterly unable to watch TV for the last few days.

(Warning: Political in nature. No Clicky if no like-y down-and-dirty politics. Warning B: I am not a fan of the Kennedys.)

A brief nod

May. 9th, 2008 03:24 pm
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to Jerry Pournelle, who is saying what I've been saying for 10 years. Only he says it better:

Warning: Political Content Ahead: )
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I'm not normally a political animal. I have my own opinions, but I'm not the sign-carrying protest type. However, every once in a while I encounter something so absolutely inane that it makes me want to bang my head against the wall for hours on end.

My husband is the political junkie. He has a list of blogs he reads regularly. And is particularly fond of Mark Steyn. So much so that Steyn's book, America Alone was one of his Christmas presents. I've picked it up and read it (mostly out of boredom, lack of other reading material, and unwillingness to go spend $8-10 on a paperback at Barnes and Noble). I found it thought provoking and interesting. He's got a definite bead on global demographics, politics, and the utter load of B/S that is "multiculturalism." Note: I have had a serious "thing" about this particular brand of ridiculousness since attending college when "Political Correctness" was REALLY getting goin. You've been warned. It's worth a read.

Now, what might just pique your interest is the fact that our Neighbors to the North dragged the author before their Human Rights Comission for "hate speech" for having written the book. (Set off by publication of an excerpt in a magazine, that was delcared "blatantly Islamophobic" by the Canadian Islamic Council.) This has sort of rattled my cage a bit. Granted that the American Snivel Liberties Union and a wide variety of "special interest" groups here will try regularly to muzzle anybody not on their band wagon. However, by and large, most people still believe in the Right to Free Speech. F'r instance - I find Code Pink, as an entity and as individuals to be annoying, inane, misguided, and vociferously against anything that might masquerade as thought, logic, or sense. The silly things they say make me want to vomit. BUT - I will vociferously defend their right to say them.

Apparently, the Government of Canaduh has decided that speech, publications, and the blogosphere should be regulated. Toward this end, they have their very own, very scary "McCarthy." I invite you to peruse the details:

Toothless Canada Borrows Crescent Fangs (Mark Steyn vs. Canada's PC Mafia)"

"Canada's Thought Police"

Mark Steyn's own website

One of the Canadian bloggers also being sued

Another of the blogger-defendants

More on the Lawsuit by Ezra Levant

The scary thing is that with or without legal support, this sort of thinking filters osmotically. You can find daily instances on this side of the border of people being silenced or ruckuses being raised in the name of "Multiculturalism." Utter clap-trap that it is.

If you've made it this far with me, I leave you with an article of Mark's, and just say Amen, brother.

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