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Now, granted, I collect to-do lists more than I complete them. But it has struck me that I should at least make a list of those things that need doing before the snow flies, Just In Case.

1. Sand down porch railings with brass brush on drill and repaint (the one complaint the VA inspector had when WE bought the house. Stupid, but there it is. And this house could easily go VA or FHA, just because it's in the right price range.)

2. Scrape and paint front of garage

3. Scrape and paint trim on house

4. Decide what to do with cock-eyed overhang over front door

5. Finish 2nd half of flower bed in front yard

6. Clean off and return spare crib to Garry and Esther

7. Return daybed to Mom and Dad for eventual use up North.

8. Sort Garage stuff for sale

9. Sort storage area stuff for sale

10. Finish painting basement and replace carpet

11. Finish painting Anneliese's room, hallway, and trim in Rori's room

12. Paint stairwell

13. Paint trim on main level

14. Replace floor and toilet in upstair bathroom

15. Tar roof at Chimney

16. Re-plaster ceiling over dining table and stove

That will be 90% of what needs doing. After that, it's all "if we actually move" stuff - unload larger items via Craig's list, get a storage Pod and load excess furniture into it and generally get house ready for showing. Accckkkk!!!!
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And I need to finish my dress, make the shift, and finish my classnotes. Today. Eeeep. WHY have I not yet joined procrastinator's annonymous? I really should NOT have spent my downtime yesterday surfing for hand-dyed sock yarn. But I really love Scout Swag, and I'm debating if I want to wait for her to get in more fingering weight yarn to die, or take the sport weight snowbunny NOW.

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