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I'm a little perplexed on how to go one here, and so I shall tap the Hive Mind.

I have, so far, no takers for my smocking class. The description DOES say to please contact instructor regarding kits, though a few may be available the day of. BUT - I'm not sure how many people read the descriptions at all, at least prior to the event.

I was planning on taking just a couple extras, meaning to have "custom" kits togther for those who asked. How many kits should I bring? (Kit is all pieces of muslin for a finished shirt/chemise, sewn up as necessary for pleating and pre-pleated for work. Assembly instructions included.) The kit can be made up for a high necked version, open necked version, or with a separate, smocked, standing collar. But they do take me a bit of work. 2 of each?

The same applies to the Picture Perfect competition. I plan to forward a registration form to Sarafina and hopefully someone in the host group can arrange to accept entries if they show up before I arrive. But I only know of one planned entry. Thoughts on how many people will show up at the last minute?
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A track on Arts and Sciences for Combat?

Arrow making, armor making, clothes for fighting kits, equine caprisons, fencing garb.... ??
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Judges Instructions, rough draft:

Welcome to the inaugural "Picture Perfect" Arts and Sciences competition. Each judge will be assigned the entries that he or she is to judge.

Please fill out a judge's form for each entry you evaluate, keeping the following things in mind:

You may split point down to 0.25, but please to go down to tenths. For example, if you'd like to score an entry 3.75 points for workmanship, go right ahead.

The judge's form has some basic guide lines for each category, but there is significant room for interpretation. We do ask that you leave written comments explaining your reasoning for grading the entry as you did. Since this is meant to be fun, keep things as positive and constructive as you can. Use of the "criticism sandwich" method is encouraged: "You did A well, element B could have been improved thusly, while element C was wonderfully conceived." Placing criticism between two positive statements helps the entrant focus on aspects of the entry rather than just someone "tearing up" their baby.

The final category is where most of your wiggle room exists. Remember, this isn't Kingdom Faire. The object of the challenge is to reproduce items from a painting, and higher scores should go to entries that succeed most fully in this aspect. Also, presentation can be rewarded in this category. For example, cinnamon comfits from a still life presented in a silver compote dish that resembles those in the painting would score higher here than those presented in a Tupperware(TM) bowl. Creativity can also be rewarded. A gentle who enters a wooden cabinet from a period painting depicting a foot warmer, and thus installs and electric safety element instead of the period brazier could also achieve extra points in this category. This challenge is open to quite a lot of interpretation, and therefore so is your scoring. Feel free to address THL Femke de Roas or Mistress Sarafina Sinclair if you find something unclear.

This is also an opportunity for artisans to connect with each other. Cards are available for you to leave your contact information for any entrant, whether you judged their entry or not.

Thank you again for your time and participation. We would also welcome feedback on the structure and nature of this activity. You may leave written comments with the Display Coordinator or E-mail THL Femke at your leisure.
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We have arrived safely home from the Royal University of the Midrealm. It was a highly entertaining weekend, though not terribly restful. I managed not to kill John, nor he, me. Something of a major accomplishment, all things considered.

Many entertaining classes. Missed some that I wanted to take, though mine was made more interesting by the attendance of Mistress Helewyse - who is always worth having in the front row. It's a combination of Statler and Waldorf with a healthy mix of information. Keeps me on my toes, adds useful things, and makes me a HELL of a lot less boring to listen to. Plus, I sort of got mobbed for my starters. I brought three - a sourdough, a desem, and an ale barm starter. This was apparently a popular addition to the lecture. ;-)

John's class went OK, considering it was new material for him. He had HisRH in attendance, and later commented that he now knows how to determine when HRH is getting bored (and therefore, apparently, it is time to segue back to BACON!!).

Due to several circumstances that were less beyond my control than they were related to being married to John, I arrived too late for Milicent's class. *pout* Tried to talk to Mistress Emmelyne, but Rori decided at that point she was crabby and wanted a nap, food, down, or anything but to be held quietly. We left before Court, as baby patience had reached it's limit. Though I'd have liked to return for Ullr's talk... we were all in bed by 8:45.

The commute in today was just this side of horrendous. It was like being trapped in a snow-filled K-mart, there were so many blue lights. Things are breaking up a bit, and the Chief Meteorologist promises a placid evening commute. I shall hold him to that.

Didn't get my overgown done, didn't find my kerchief till I got home, but all in all, progress has been made.

This week's to-do: Work on finishing said overgown (felted hem may take some doing). Work on various embroidery projects. And finally buckle down on learning Joomla and updating/converting the web page. *sigh* It must needs be done!
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[livejournal.com profile] tattycat has me contemplating.

The Royal University of the Midrealm is a (hopefull) biannual event. It moves from site to site 'round the Kingdom, based on where the best bid comes from. It consists of classes in Fine Arts and Sciences, Performing Arts, Martial Arts, History, and SCA Administration. Over the years, curriculum quality has varied rather widely. (blah blah blah, volunteer organization)

Our Erstwhile and Hardworking Chancellor has been ruminating on developing system by which you can "progress" through programming and receive recognition for learning. And we've had discussions about trying to increase the number of "intermediate" and "advanced" classes offered at RUM. On the grounds that "beginner" level classes are more commonly to be found locally anyway.

Now, it occurs to me to ask the hive mind for stimulating conversation on the topic of trying to offer a "progression" on specific topics given the changing location, venue, and time between sessions. The Midrealm is large enough that a teacher may be available for one session, but the next too far away to be feasible for them. So how could we set things up so that you could, in fact, take steadily advancing classes in a topic?

Speak to me of brilliant notions.
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The day began badly, with me nearly bludgeoning my husband with a kitchen towel. The reasons really are unimportant - excessive build-up of frustration. On the upside, it had a motivating effect on him. He now has recommendation letters from former superiors of high rank to submit along with his application. That can only be a good thing. (He's feeling silly enough now to refer to D'artagnan as "Perry the Catapus."

I DID manage to finish a birthday cake for my boss. The frosting slid on one side, but likely was my own fault, for not sticking it in the fridge before frosting. It's the Sweet and Salty Cake from "Baked". A three layer chocolate cake with caramel filling and chocolate-caramel ganache. What it lacks in looks, it should make up for in taste. ;-)

I also got in a good (long!) talk with Odrianna ([livejournal.com profile] fiannaharper) regarding this and that. Apparently, it's not just that I'm crazy. Things around me are also crazy. So there. Pttthhhbbttttt! Looking forward to an in-person natter at RUM. Maybe Sarafina can join us. Ideas on rebuilding and maintaining quality for Kingdom-level Academy/University programs can be bounced back and forth!

Master Henry has had to cancel his class on Advanced Tailoring. *Sad face* But, I have another class already lined up, a few more to firm up, and I suppose I can teach myself, if need be. I should add up what I've got, and try to see what would balance things out best. I have my notes on the Dutch gowns, of course. I also have plenty of time to make a variety of breads - desem, ale-barm leavened, pan forte. Sort of the right time of year for the precursor to Hot Cross Buns, wot? I may not quite have time enough to get notes and samples together for an overview of spice cookies in continental Europe. I probably could manage something on whitework or Klosterstitch. Sarafina, I will forward you an update very soon!

Hopefully the shoulder muscle cram that started yesterday has been beaten and heated into submission. And hopefully I won't have TOO much surgery tomorrow, especially as I'm working Friday.

Oh, and I got actual kisses from Rori today. ;-) She blew a couple, then just planted a couple. Baby kisses are good.
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Still thinking about RUM and what would be a good range of classes.

And while at it, something [livejournal.com profile] gwacie said on another E-mail list make me think:

What about a roundtable on writing for publication? Specifically in larger SCA markets. Would it be worth listening to the ins and outs of what makes a good article and how to write it as discussed by people published in TI, CA, Artes Draconis, and other larger outlets?

As a separate question -

What sorts of classes would you like to see at a Royal University? What would induce you to make the trip? What sorts of "advanced" classes do you not find locally?
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Always makes things just a little more real. Our Efficient new Dean has all the new contact info up. And AWAY we go!

Now taking suggestions for things people would like to see at a RUM. ;-)

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