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Or - what I'm up to these days.

I'm going through one of those period where I sort of step back and realize just how isolating having children with Autism can be. *sigh* I need a social life. It's taken about this long for most of my SCA-only friends to fall away. And I notice the gap, but I have no desire to get back in.

My costuming motivation is currently pretty much shot. I have lots of things I SHOULD be doing, and I really ought to look at migrating the web page to the latest version of Joomla. And words cannot express how much I really don't want to be bothered.

Work is crazy busy. Why it is that the busy season (heartworm + lots of people's annual vaccines) needs to coincide with various companies having their national sales meetings - thereby firing up their reps to get under my feet just when I don't really want to be bothered - I have no idea. It's making my days longer than I would like them to be.

The girls continue to make progress, albeit slowly. Rori should start in the transitional preschool next year. I DO think it's the right move. And if we don't, she could well get locked into another track that won't push as hard - and not have any chance whatever of being mainstreamed later. A hope I still cling to in the depths of my heart.

Nerdwars has at least upped my knitting productivity. Though with spring approaching, I'm starting to get the sewing bug. Just not the costuming bug. I'd rather make some cute dresses for the girls. And maybe a quilt. Or some curtains. Or both.

The husband took his Project Management exam this week, though he won't get results until next week or so. It's been a 1 year saga getting this done and I'm glad he finally TOOK the exam. I can't quite say that I don't care whether he passed or not, but I'm pretty close to that ambivalent about it. Among other things. Frankly, I'm sort of hoping he can pick up a contract with G4S or a similar outfit. It would be good for his ego, and make him in general easier to live with. Even if the trade off is playing "single Mommy" for a while. Worth it in the long run.

I need a nap. I need a social network. I need a support system. What I have is a full schedule at work. Oh well, we works with what we gots, right?
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