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Sometimes it's bad, sometimes good.

Bad: I pulled out of the parking lot at work, got about 1 1/2 miles down the road, looked up: State Trooper. Looked down: 65 mph. @@(%^$(&#. Sure enough, she turned around and came after me. I handed over my license, reg, and insurance. She told me what she'd clocked me at, then asked "Was there a reason for the speed?"

Me: "Nope. Not a good one. I was not paying attention and was going too fast."

Blink, blink, blink......"Well, thank you for your honesty. Slow down, and drive safe home."

*lol* Apparently honesty is a novelty. Srsly? Like there's a point to lying to a State Trooper? They've heard it all.

Good: Seeing my name in print. In the back of Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day. I only test-baked a few recipes, as my e-mail and his didn't play well and I felt bad bugging him about it constantly. But, wow, what a cool book. I MUST go get a copy. ;-) I should have an Amazon certificate or two coming for doing professional surveys.

Elsewise, not much new in my world. I did go get some barley flour, dried peas, and whole wheat berries to do some baking experiments. And John and I bandied about a variety of theories about yeast.
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Just home from a belated Christmas with the 'rents. And came home to another 8 inches of snow in the driveway. Impressive, given that we were only gone a little over 24 hours.

Santa brought some interesting goodies. The "Fairy Tale Knits" book I wanted, a new 9x13 pan (The old one being warped in several planes), and an XM satellite radio. Unfortunately, it does not support the A La Carte package. So I'm trying to figure out how to get set up so that I have the Frank Sinatra, Standards, and Swing channel without having to buy the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" package. I have no interest in the Premiums - I'm not interested in Sports, I can't stand Oprah, and I'm far enough to the "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" side of things to want nothing to do with the Liberal Talk channels. Still and all, I'll have fun with it. Almost as much fun as trying to even explain the concept of Satellite Radio to Mom. ;-)

Anneliese adores the EasyBake oven and the Light Bright. She also put her new Ariel doll into the cradle that Dad made her and put her to bed. Tres Cute.

I made Mom a necklace - though it seems a little snug to me. Hmmm.... Not sure how to fix that, or if she'll even let me. I might get a few more beads and try to make another crystal cluster and splice it in. Even another couple inches would make a big difference.

And, I finally got to get lots of use out of my shnazzy granite slab. Dad got some Sour Cream Pralines, Pecan clusters, hazelnut pralines, chocolate peanut butter bark, chocolate covered caramallows, and some homemade candy canes.

This was a learning experience. And, I have no brains. I was out at the supermarket early this week, looking for the Hazelnuts. It's a nice little store, and the manager stopped to ask if I needed help finding something. I asked about the nuts - all they had was in the shell. FIne, I say! Tedious, but doable. (Also asked about the Baker's ammonia. He knew what it was, but didn't know anybody who carries it anymore. Gonna have to order.)

I got home and went, "So I have to crack the nuts.... with what?" Dude. I have no nutcracker. Nor could I find pliers. It was much to icy out to trot out to the garage. So I ended up with a vinyl mallet in the basement. Trying to break the shells and not the nuts. WIth about a 70% success rate.

The candy canes made the granite really worth it's weight in gold. But man, those are a pain. And I never did get them very minty - either with extract or oil. Not sure how that works out. But I have a new respect for people who do sugar work. And a new technique. I bought some of those cute little stretch gloves they sell in the winter that aren't really very warm. And put vinyl gloves over them. So I could pull sugar without too much burning of the fingers.

At least Dad was suitably impressed. He said I'd have gotten on famously with his Grandfather.

Naturally. The Fries do tend to gravitate toward each other.
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We are back, safe and sound, from FLA.

A good time was had, pink princess ears of various types purchased for the girls, parameters for overstimulation were determined, and generally many things learned.

More to follow as I have the time and inclination.

At the moment, there is a brief panic over not having started my Christmas shopping.

And frustration at not being able to find ammonium carbonate for my gingerbread house.


This is enough of a Dutch area, I'd think something so inherently necessary for Northern European baked goods would be available at least at specialty stores. So far, no dice.

*grumble, grumble*

Must stop off tonight to get the rest of my White Elephant gift for the work party tomorrow.
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Well, John had a near-death experience last weekend. He went to Lake City to get our meat - we split a side of beef with my parents. On the way home, he came around a curse to find, not the straight-away he expected, but rather a 90 degree turn. With no warning. (Must be somebody else hit the sign ;-) He immediately panicked, thinking about missing Anneliese's wedding, and Rori's graduation, while the Garmin (and it's weighted stand) flew across and smacked into the passenger side window. He was, however, driving the Audi. Ilsa dug her claws into the pavement and swung around the turn with the attitude of "What? I'm only doing 60 and it's a 90 degree turn?" Heh. Love that suspension. All is well.

Mistress Sarafina gave me an extra track for RUM, and I think I STILL may have managed to overbook. Eh, I can't count. Or rather, I forgot Duke Eliahu wanted 1 1/2 hours per class. There still may be things that don't come through. And it's a better problem to have than the reverse. In addition, I might just bring some notes myself and ask a few of the latecomers to bring THEIR notes. So that, should a teacher or two no-show, I can fill in the gaps.

The girls are doing well. Anneliese is getting better and better about following along at Dance Class. Still not QUITE sure what we'll do for the month of January. Linsey won't be able to be there, as she's being forced to pick up a 101 course in order to graduate. (Been there.) So I'll ask her in a week or two if she thinks Anneliese can go by herself, or if one of her classmates might be able to fill in.

In addition, the Grand Rapids Ballet Company has put Anneliese on the waiting list for their Pre-ballet class. I think we'll let her try that alone, unless Linsey really feels otherwise and is available THAT day, too. But they do have some experience with Autism and are willing to try it. Now I'm debating about taking her to see the Nutcracker, to gauge her interest level.

I bought some steel bones for the lacing strips on the bodice of my dutch gown. And some buckrum strips for the waistband, as well as some wool for the hem. Hopefully I can play around with that some, soon. And hopefully I'll be feeling a little more up to it.

Cut for female details - enter at your own risk )

All-in-all, hoping for a better weekend to come, as we're visiting the folks. We can't go home for Thanksgiving, as I have to work. Which was OK with Mom and Dad, as I think they're planning to go up north and visit my Grandmother anyway.

And, it should be noted, a mere 3 weeks until vacation!!! I nudged my travel agent today, and she's mailing out the paperwork/itinerary/tickets tomorrow. Yeah!!! Orlando, here we come! All that's left to do is finish gathering all the stuff we need to pack, set up the stroller rental, set up the in-room sitter, and but the Photopass CD. Keen.
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A la Antoinne.

Or, rabbit pot pie - Michigan style. ;-) Cooked the bunny, made a white sauce with the pan drippings and some turkey broth, added some peas and carrots and pour the whole mess into a casserole dish. Being lazy, I dropped on some bisquick (won't do that again - great-grandma's biscuit recipe is better), and baked. Voila. Dinner. (Or would have been voila, had I not turned off the oven, instead of the burner. Whoops.) Also made the Brewer's Blondies from Baked. Good, but not really probably worth a repeat. Next on the list: Malted cake.

Still musing on a new gown for Masque.

Oh, and needing to tot up my teachers before I run out of spots. ;-) What a happy problem to have!! I'll find room for all the great people who have been so accomodating. ;-)

It's my bed time. Cause I'm needin' the sleep lately. Maybe we'll get the girls in for flu shots this week. Though Mom was fussing at me about something she watched on TV where some "endocrinologist and immunologist" (OK, weird combo suggesting Quack!) who was insisting Thimersol DOES cause autism. *head desk, head desk, pound, pound, pound* Well, guess what, I already have one autistic child and in spite of it I'd rather not lose either of them to the flu!!!

Oh, and I got my new King Arthur Flour catalog today. I'm happily going through it with a marker, making my Christmas list!

No real news on the job front. An odd call or two from various other entities fishing to see if John is worth pursuing. Nice to be wanted. I hope.
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A couple of questions/polls.

First, I think I WILL go for the hand-quilted silk petticoat. Any directions/suggestions/tutorials on cutting? I'm thinking something basically cone-shaped with no gathering to the waist is what's needed.

The second is more homely in nature. 10 years ago, when I got married, I registered for Pfaltzgraf's Naturewood dinnerware. Confession: I hate it. It's heavy, it chips, more than a few pieces have broken. And my favorite pieces are no longer made. I've even had employees at the outlet store try to tell me certain pieces never existed.

So if we go to replace our dinnerware, I'd like something more neutral anyway. Something that can go with whatever tablecloth and decor I want to use for any given holiday. I like the look of vintage ironstone. But I hate to get caught in the trap of buying something from Crate and Barrel or WIlliams-Sonoma that DOES match but gets discontinued in a couple of months to make way for the new trend. I do also like antique dishes, and have a few that I've picked up or been given here and there. I love milk glass, and some depression glass. Especially serving pieces, compotes, and dessert dishes.

So... do we look for a reproduction set by a company that is likely to keep producing it? Or do we scout antique stores for genuine pieces and not worry about their matching? As I'm unlikely to find (or if I find, be able to afford a complete purchase) of a whole set.

I await your collective wisdom.

Accomplished today: 2 pecks of tomatoes into 9 qts canned tomatoes - plus some parboiled ones after one of the jars broke in the canner. o_O Never had THAT happen before. Once my peachies ripen up - I shall can peachies. Tomorrow I may do up the plums and some other jams.

Anybody got any thoughts on the topic?

Weird Day

Aug. 31st, 2009 02:53 pm
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I managed to get in to see my Dr. today. You know it's impressive when the quote is "Wow. That is the hypersensitivity reaction from Hell."

So, back on the pred at a more aggressive dose. (*sigh*). Which means I'm experiencing my own personal perpetual summer right now. And an antihistamine. And she gave me a set of the latex-free, powder-free surgical gloves that THEY use. She offered to do a blood screen for latex sensitivity. Which I might go for, later. And siad if this doesn't work, she'll send me to an allergist. Oi.

We changed our reservations at Disney to the Villa at the Boardwalk. I think we might want the microwave, as Rori is still sometimes inclined to want a 3 AM bottle. And Her Highness requires it warm. Microwaves are easier than heating water in the coffee maker and then standing the bottle in hot water. Faster, too.

Still waiting for more info from several places before firming up plans for the Frisian gown. I suspect the brocade is sheer fantasy on the part of the artist. Rather, I think it will be not too very different from the Cleves gowns, but need to figure out the headdress. I wonder if the one that looks like the version from the Anne of Cleves portrait, but black, has any basis in reality? For that matter, has anybody seen a Cleves gown with guards in a color other than black?
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I'm running out of room on Flickr. Wonder if a Plus or Paid lj account might be worthwhile.

If I'm smart, I'll start a separate account and start saving NOW for Anneliese's hopeful dance class. And shoes. And school dress. etc. etc.

Orlando has a couple of Irish Dance schools. Trimaris seems nice, though small by MK standards. And Sir Redwald already lives there.

I really need to spend some quality time with the scanner and my library books before they have to go back.

The initial coop frame v. 2.0 is up, and looking much more stable. Sometimes I actually do know what I'm talking about. Not that John is likely to admit it.

Next time Grandpa wants to feed Rori some cherries, he gets to change the resulting diapers. Eeeuuwww.

Still no issue of "Celebrations." *whine*

There IS a new podcast. And I can't find the headphones for my iPod.

Riverdance makes decent background music.
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1. My husband has a habit of putting dubious things in his mouth, then being surprised when Bad Things Happen. For instance - when you are at a local dive with malfunctioning A/C and the only waitress says "Oh, I didn't think anybody would want soup in this heat. But I can warm some up!" - Do not eat the crab bisque

2. The concept of making a permanent site for Spring Crown/A&S - in the far corner of the Kingdom. I feel loved. Can you say "Principality?" I knew you could.

3. People whose costuming research leads them to do things like: "Velvet is period. Slashing is period. I'm going to make a slashed doublet out of cotton velvet." This will Go Badly (TM). Fraycheck is not your friend here. You can line it and finish all the slashes. But woe to you if you don't. If you really want slashing - wool is your friend.

4. The general nobody-wants-to-be-the-bad-guy tendency to not enforce rules. Why?

5. Why people don't come to understand that willing is not = to competence.

6. The need to make Households into local groups. Clique Power?

7. If absolute power corrupts absolutely... what do power tools do?
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For the local crew, Fields' Fabrics (at least on 44th St) now carries a good selection of sizes of steel corset bones, some spring steel bones and extra caps, and some narrow hoop steel.

Just sayin'.

Boy do I need a nap. Or a vacation.

Maybe I'll buy a little piggy bank and start stuffing money in it as a vacation fund.

We will inevitably take a hammer to it to put new tires on the van or some such this fall, but it would make me feel as if I'm working TOWARD something.

Heck, maybe I'll just repurpose one of the one gallow carboys in the basement. Then I could see how much was in it. Hmmmm.... good idea? Or not?
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I swear, there is a satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and it has a Stupid Ray pointed at the entrance to the clinic. *pound, pound, pound*

I canNOT catch a break. Can't even get out for a decent lunch break without getting dragged back to deal with the crisis du jour. Kitty C-section, broken leg, intestinal foreign body, heartworm positive dog failing rapidly. And on, and on.

I was inclined to be a tad crabby last night, for all that it was my anniversary. Well, John was cranky, too. He was a bit put out that he had to cancel our dinner reservations, as we had no one to watch the girls. Or, more specifically, I put my foot down about leaving them with a strange college intern, even if he got the list from the School. Especially since my house is a wreck because he hasn't cleaned in I-don't-know-when and I haven't had the time. Grrrrrr. But he did make me a nice dinner (or tried to - ;-) He's not that great at steaming veggies without sort of overdoing it. It's The Marine Corps Way (TM).

So instead, we're thinking about Chicago for Saturday, in a hotel around the Indiana Border overnight, then Crown Tourney on Sunday. I will probably regret this, but concessions must be made to Sgt. Cranky. Hopefully both girls will consent to sleep in a hotel room.

Still on the fence with John and the job. Which for now, at least, will be a contract position. Bugger. Benefits are pretty much Shangri-La for me right now. Though I should be able to keep the girls covered and have enough left over to pay cash for my annual exam in July. Just wish we could get John's knee fixed. It pretty much hinders us in doing anything we want to do, as he cannot walk long or far.

Also had some yutz dump off yet another kitten at the clinic. This one with a dislocated hip. So I ended up doing a Femoral head and neck osteotomy, on the advice of the local orthopod. He's such a purr-box, and general doll that I'm having to exercise all my will-power not to bring him home. And I already have too many cats. Anybody need a Special Needs kitty? Very lovey!!

Rori and I went downtown last Thursday. I got her some new Robeez, and a pair of Baby Legs. Struggled long and hard, but may have to go back now and get her some of the cute little hair clips from The Preppy Blueberry. It was a nice day, so I decided to be an optimist and nip into the travel agency for a Disney quote. It should be noted that, Boo being Boo, the Value resorts are sort of out and the whole thing is more complicated - and thereby expensive - than the cute little commercials promise. So she asked when we wanted to go and for how long and yada, yada. Then took my name and number and said she'd call sometime near the beginning of this week and give me a quote. Annnnddddd..... no phone call. At which point I remembered that I tried last fall to get a similar quote from this same Agency's Holland office..... annddd.... again, never got the return call. So, Carlson Wagonlit Travel is now off my list. Maybe we'll try Mouse Fan Travel and see what they can do for us. Not that we can really afford it right at the moment - but hope springs eternal. And I haven't been on an actual vacation since 1996. *sigh*

More later, when I have the Will.
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T'was mostly a good day.

I managed to go get a professional massage - which means my shoulder isn't QUITE so cramped. Though she did warn me that I was just all knotted up, and to drink lots of water tonight - and reinforced the idea by handing me a bottle to start with. ;-) So, relaxation for the body.

I also got to talk to Mistress Sarafina for a bit - which always brightens my day. And provided relaxation of the mental variety. I now feel less guilty about being annoyed with certain things.

In that light, I should probably clarify some of my earlier ranting. To whit: I do not think that every Laurel in the Region is obligated to attend and judge at the Faire (Heck some of them are so harsh, they have no business judging). But maybe they ought to make a collective effort to make sure that there are a certain number planning to go to each. You know, just a "Hey, we need x number of Laurels for the Regional Faire on such-and-such a weekend - who's going?" I suspect that a lot of the non-attendance is the assumption that somebody else is going. And then no one shows up.

Known World Costuming is a possibility, though a dim one. Hopefully things will clarify a little more as it gets closer.

John did not have his return interview today for Reasons That May Not Be Spoken Of In Public At This Time(TM). *sigh* On the back burner for at least another two weeks, but showing some signs of potential pay-off afterwards.

In the meantime, I will probably increase my hours slightly. Since Rori is completely on formula now (the better to track her intake, and make sure she's not starving), and we could use the extra income, it seems I might as well step up to the plate and take up some of the slack at the clinic. It's either that or hire another vet - and nobody that's expressed interest as yet seems to be a good fit for the Clinic as yet.

Ah, well. Stuff and nonsense.
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It's been a bizarre couple of days.

The Freaking Virus of Doom has now made the rounds of the house. It's not that severe, nor terribly long acting, but it does sneak up. I spent last evening wrapped up in blankets with the ol' fever chills - and the Hubbs insisting that it was just cold in the house. *eye roll* Feeling better now, but with the wind taken out of the ol' sails.

In hindsight, this started with the baby last week. And hopefully was the reason she weighed in so light at her pediatrician appointment. To the extent that I was told if she doesn't reverse or at least stop her slide across the growth curve by her next appointment, they wan to "pursue it." *sigh* She was only 17# 13 oz, putting her in the 20% percentile. Which isn't terrible by itself, but the fact that she's been sliding down the percentile scale consistently is a wee bit worrying. John did get her to take a bottle of formula the other day. Maybe I should work on shifting her over. Though I think the last bottle was the impetus behind a wakeful, gassy night.

Nobody seems to want to let me sleep. I have, for instance, learned that I must make sure D'artagnan gets a snack before bed. He's not nearly so food oriented as my other two kitties, so he tends to forget about mealtime. However, this mean that around 2 AM he decides he hungry. And scales the dresser next to my bed. And does his impression of a cliff diver. Whilst I..... I am Acapulco bay. I'm against this. So, I try to carry kitten AND kitty food to the dish together before I go to bed. So far, so good.

Illness means no new garb got made. Grrrr. Not sure what any of us will wear to A Day At the Castle - or even if we'll be up to going. If I'm ambitious, maybe I'll stop off at Fields and pick up a little bit of wool and crank out a little dress for the Baby.

Oh, and yesterday, upon pulling into the Target parking lot, we were accosted by two guys trying to sell us a home theater system. They had some story about being up from Livonia (It's 2 1/2 hours, dude!) to make a delivery that had gone wrong and their boss told them to "find somebody cool" to take it off their hands. To wit - they would sell us a surround sound speaker system and console, plus a projector for a mere $400. John was weakening, but I talked him into listening to his instincts. I suspect the stuff was hotter than a two dollar pistol. I even made him go in and report it to security - it didn't seem like enough of a big deal to call 911. Though I did wish I'd has sense enough to grab their plate number before they put the tailgate up to show off their wares. It was a pro-job... right down to embroidered polos and letterhead, plus a practiced patter.

Weirdness. Sickness. Maybe I'll take a nap on the couch in the break room at lunch.
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Found out today why U of IA wanted an extra $11 for the ILL. Um, two volume set of BIG books. Yikes! I'll have to do an initial survey to decide what parts to scan. All is too much!

While I'm in a goofy-ass researchy mood... anybody able to point me to period treatises on orchards or poultry care?

Don't ask. Just walk away. You're better off not knowing. Really.
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I keep finding so many things I want. :-(

I'd like to make each of the girls a small quilt. Just need a nice throw-sized pattern, preferably meant for using jelly rolls. I think I'll do them up, then let Anneliese pick which one she wants and give the other to Rori.

I think I'd also like to start collecting this:


Grandma had the old rooster pyrex in Turquoise and white. But this is pink! With gooseberries!! want.

I also want some chickens. Four little layers. And an Eglu(TM). (Go goole). Apparently, however, there is an ordinance against this where I live. John wants to apply for a Special Use permit for "research" since I wanted 16th century chickens. I'm thinkin' they'll tell us where to stick that idea. *sigh*

So, in want of all that... I bought a MegaMillions ticket this morning. ;-)
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Apparently what I had was viral, not food poisoning. Cause John got it. Much worse than I did. I took the baby to work with me Friday, as he was incapable of caring for an infant (and boy will that redefine "working mother"). He ran a fever upwards of 105F. At one point, he intended to drive out and get the baby, as he figured she was a distraction for me. But he couldn't figure out what to do with the other five Chinese babies. Once he stepped outside into the cold, he got a bit more lucid, and went back to bed rather than drive while delirious.

All are now recovered. But the weekend was a bit subdued. I DID hit Field's Fabrics, and find the lurverly green pendleton wool on the discount bin. It has a flaw. I don't care. So that's for one of the cheese dressed. *g* 6 yds should get me one dress, plus sleeves for another.

Not up for Val Day with the girls. Anneliese is a bit much for me if I've got the baby as well. Maybe next year she'll be easier to handle. I say that every year, don't I?

Got our contact info for the Adopt a Marine program. Hopefully I'll hear back from him soon on what sorts of things he would like/could use.

And I'm a bit annoyed with one of my coworkers. I'm working all her hours next week so she can go on vacation. She'll be back Thursday. But will she take Saturday for me, so that we could take Anneliese down to the Disney to-do in Chicago? Nope. Grrrrrr.

Oh, and I started the tent stitch slips for the napkins. Should I outline the trilliums? Pictures later.
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My attempt at finding the fabric I want locally has, so far, been a total wash. *sigh* The quilting stores in the area have been dwindling, and those still around are rather small. Nor have any of them expressed the slightest interest in what I'm looking for when I ask. "Nope. Don't have it. Never heard of it." Wish I'd had the magazine with me yesterday that I found a full page ad in. Grrrr.

Which led me to maunder on the topic of hip handiwork. Crafts tend to run in cycles. Anybody remember macrame? Around 15 years ago, Quilting was BIG. The quilting book section at Barnes and Noble covered 5 or 6 shelves. There was a quilting shop on every corner. PBS had umpteen shows. But it's star is fading. Which isn't to say that nobody quilts anymore. Just that it's contracted back to it's core audience. Mostly, ladies of a Certain Age. It's no longer in.

What is? Ah, knitting! Go to your bookstore. How many new books are there since the last time you looked? And cute, cozy knitting stores are all the rage. Wood floors, tables to sit at, "sit and knit" nights scheduled. There are at least 2 knitting TV shows that I know of. I suspect THIS trend is reaching it's zenith. The book market is nearly saturated. And, after all, how many people will continue to indulge, once it's not "hip" anymore? Though it's ascendency seems to be helped by the addition of crochet and felting - combining all three techniques to keep something hundreds ofyears old "fresh and new!"

What's next? It would seem to be sewing. With some very simple embroidery thrown in. Anything easy to master and "cute" or "kitshcy" or "vintage."

Now, understand that I have no problem with trendy crafts. (All right, I don't quite understand the mega-success of scrapbooking. Mostly because I SO do not have that kind of time.) And there is a whole generation of women out there whose mothers didn't teach them this stuff. Granted, most of them will learn the bare basics, if that. But it's better than nothing. And they buzz happily from one trend to the next. It just frustrates me that the materials come and go. It also aggravates me to hear "buy from your local store, not online, or we'll go out of business!" from stores that can't be bothered to put in an iota of customer service. Nor express any interest in what their customers want. I'd think that if someone walked into your store looking for something specific, you'd make a note of it. And if you got another person looking for the same thing, you'd think "Aha! This may be a trend!" With sufficient interest, consider stocking it. But I guess it's easier to page through the catalogs your sales reps bring and pick out what YOU like. Then whine that everybody just buys online and that's why you went out of business.

Granted, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, myself. However, I think there is a quantitative difference between the Hippity-Hoppity craft addict and someone who's proficient at many things because they use them. I can bake. And more than just a Semi-homemade add to a cake mix sort of baking ability. I can knit - lace, entrelac, socks, cables, fair isle. Embroidery? Gotch covered. Quilting - yep. Though I'm pretty much too lazy to actually handquilt something. Mostly because I need that quilt on a bed or in a crib somewhere. I can sew - have been able to since I was around 8.

I just wish I had a way sometimes to steer the trends around to things I like - just so I can find the materials more easily. ;-) However, I have yet to determine how to manipulate the moddish mob. *sigh*
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I keep finding things I want to do when I grow up. If only I had another lifetime. And the aptitude.


Disney Imagineer - The only earthly reason I comtemplated an engineering degree. Except I don't really have the "think outside the box" problem-solving ability necessary - and I know it. Plus, I might melt if I moved to Orlando. And California is just out.

Fabric Designer - You mean people make a living at this? Yee gads, where was THIS idea when I was but a young thing? I want to be this woman or this woman. Make my own fabric lines? Design patterns for them? Schmooze at crafty events? Sign me up!! I am, after all, a human magpie. Look, a sparkly!! I might even whip out a bolt of muslin and some paints.... make the girls some cutie-patootie Originals. Where are the batteries for my space-time continuum modulator?

Yarn Sales Rep - I ran into one of these folks at a local shop. ?!?! That's gotta be so darned cool. I wonder if he gets to keep the samples? I wonder if fiberistas have ever tried to roll him in the parking lot for his suitcase.

Wedding Gown Designer - I really contemplated this. Very briefly. I'd never be able to handle the brides. I was for a wee bit tempted to make up my own creations and sell them on Etsy or some such on an "as is" basis. Hmmmm - bad idea.

Cake Decorator - Love the challenges on the Food Network. And then I get talked into making a cake. And my feet hurt, and my back hurts, and my hands hurt and I remember why I don't do this.

Shoppe Owner - Yarn, fabric, needlework supplies, etc. Actually, I want to own the world's biggest and best haberdashery. With a whole wall of ribbons. Not the cheap offray and darice crap, but real silk, velvet, grosgrain, etc. And another whole wall of buttons. Acres of vintage trims, doodads, threads, sewing notions, etc.

ETA: Or, of course, I can just make use of this service. If only I had unlimited time and money. *sigh* But I do have an overwhelming desire to go collect a bunch of 40's hankies and other textiles and design my very own quilt fabric line.

Chalk it up to sleep-deprivation. Rori was up All Bloody Night. Cutting the top teeth, I suspect, but would wail incessantly if someone wasn't in physical contact. Please, child, sleep tonight. I'll get you a pony when you're 5, honest.

Ah well, back to the ol' grind. I hear barking out in the waiting room, which means I have another appointment.... *sigh*

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